Malaga! Can’t wait..!

And so the season rolls in. This is the official anticipation news of the up-and-coming Millennium season and its premier on the Malaga Beach on the 24th through the 26th of April.
That means a WEEK! The winter must be over – and it was long, yet over truly fast.
Here’s for a good season starter!
Our legione: Sam, Raffe, Janne, Sibban, Kimi, …

Riga Recap!

A great trip but right here, right now I’m tired as ever!
Somewhat surprisingly, this time around the trip went like a breeze. No problems whatsoever with the law & order, we didn’t even miss the ships, no fatal car crashes, no one went to demand the consigliore to get supplies from McDonalds or for other entertainment…and overall, nothing which “didn’t …