Player profile: Tomi Lindholm


Name: Tomi Lindholm
Years played: 5
Years in Cyclone: 4
Former teams: Voodoo Legacy
Current Status: Active player
What is or has been your goal in paintball?
When I started playing in D2 in 2007 I didn’t really have any goals, after the first tournament I played I thought that this is pretty cool and I could play paintball more often. In 2007 I guess my …

It’s league time!!!

The Delayed Finnish league is finally here almosta a month late. The First leg will be Turku… or Piikkiö to be precise a small town 30km from Turku. As can be expected Helsinki Cyclone is out in force to give some serious beans to our opponents. The main league fleet will be arriving to hotel kivitasku on Friday to chill out …

Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg

Here is the first of a series of former and current Cyclone member interviews that we will be doing.
Name: Pertti Berg although everybody calls me Raffe
Years played: I’ve been playing since the early 90’s so that makes it something like 20 years
now… Feeling kinda old here… Tournament paint I started somewhere around 97 and been
playing in Finland and all around …