DYE has brought available some cool lookin 2010 Team NT’s that are priced the same as earlier PGA modells. For more details contact your nearest DYE dealer or DYE. Other than new cool prints these NT’s run with same internals than regular NT’s.


Yes! DYE is back with brand new red-black-gray colored NT called “Scream”. After hearing about DYE signing with SD Aftermath I would say that the deal has something to do with colouring the newest NT. In previous years we’ve seen Aftermath in red and black outfits with a little bit of gray so this gun would suit the team more …

DYE Heads to Zombie Nation

DYE has added one new color to their expanding range of NT’s and the latest color is called “Zombie Nation”. It’s a cool combination of red and black and zombie images and it’s definitely one of the coolest guns on the market roght now!
Now I’m eager to see what else DYE is planning to do with their guns. Maybe we’ll …