Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg

Here is the first of a series of former and current Cyclone member interviews that we will be doing.
Name: Pertti Berg although everybody calls me Raffe
Years played: I’ve been playing since the early 90’s so that makes it something like 20 years
now… Feeling kinda old here… Tournament paint I started somewhere around 97 and been
playing in Finland and all around …

Interview with Mikko Huttunen – DYE Snow and LA Ironmen

Over the winter we have been reading various rumors and bits of gossip about DYE branching into snow sports, but there hasn’t been too much concrete information. With the PSP season opener in Galveston, Texas showing Mikko Huttunen amiss from the Ironmen back line, we figured that something is really bubbling under. We contacted Mikko and discussed a lot of …