Welcome to Helsinki Cyclone season 2012

… Yes yes I know the season started over a month ago in St. Tropez. The thing is that I was in Asia and Jii, who usually writes a lot here, is writing his Masters thesis right know. And besides the Finnish season starts later then usual this year.
Anyways. The point here is that we’ve noticed the Cyclone site winding …

Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg

Here is the first of a series of former and current Cyclone member interviews that we will be doing.
Name: Pertti Berg although everybody calls me Raffe
Years played: I’ve been playing since the early 90’s so that makes it something like 20 years
now… Feeling kinda old here… Tournament paint I started somewhere around 97 and been
playing in Finland and all around …

League Round #2 Kirkkonummi, postmortem

Second league round is now behind us and What results! We took the league round by storm and division 1’s respectable second position was great advancement from the disappointment of the first round.
Saturday started with league and first matchup was Cyclone vs. Urho. Urho’s roster has changed quite a bit from last year and they ended last in SPBL’s first round. We …