Alex’s bar presents: Eero Kaakkola

The time has come to throw one of our first aces on the table. We promised to bring you guys some really interesting interviews, let’s see how you like these apples.
Many of you guys out there know this story but I’m also quite sure there’s a lot who really don’t. This story starts with one of the biggest turning points …

Player profile: Tomi Lindholm


Name: Tomi Lindholm
Years played: 5
Years in Cyclone: 4
Former teams: Voodoo Legacy
Current Status: Active player
What is or has been your goal in paintball?
When I started playing in D2 in 2007 I didn’t really have any goals, after the first tournament I played I thought that this is pretty cool and I could play paintball more often. In 2007 I guess my …

Visiting the Swedes

After a quiet season of 2011 Cyclone is back in business visiting our neighbouring Paintballers and I have to say it’s about frigging time. We started the tour visiting Riga for the second leg of the Winter Cup in March, followed by a Photography trip to the Millenium Series season opener in Saint-Tropez, and now just before the Finnish summer we were off …