Finnish league’s third leg: Äänekoski

Already weeks before this tournament everything was going horribly wrong. Our training wasn’t going as planned since way too many players were having their vacation mixed just so that we didn’t get even one session with everybody on board. Also many players were unable to participate in the tournament because of one reason or another and top of that, as …

Yes, you are seeing correctly

If you’re now standing beside the field at the Kirkkonummi league and wondering “what the fuuuh…?”. Yes, you are seeing correctly, you’re seeing the newest Cyclone collaboration members and the Helsinki Cyclone team for the second leg of the Finnish Championship League… You might also know these guys already as team Stockholm Ignition from Sweden.
Here’s the deal. This year the …

Player Profile: Aleksi Peltonen

Name: Aleksi Peltonen
Years played:first time play 1989
Years in Cyclone: I join cyclone family 2001
Former teams: SG Finland,Kojootit,Chimeras,Lapaset
Current Status: Old shool on/off active
What is or has been your goal in paintball?
My first goal was 1994 when i win my first finnish champion title with Kojootit. After that there is too many to list everything.. World cup 1999 3rd place 5man team Lapaset …