Baltic Sea Cup Helsinki 2013

First Baltic Sea Cup leg for 2013 in Helsinki

Sissos Winter Series 2013 Round 2.

Second and last leg for Sissos Winter Series 2013

Sissos Winter Series 2013 Round 1.

First tournament of the year and first leg of Sissos Winter Series for 2013

Iceball Arena Cup Moscow

Joint trip with players from Field Fighters to Moscow.

SPBL Tallinn 2012

Last SPBL event for 2012 was a rainy one so less photos from the field this time and more from evening party and our trip.

SPBL Äänekoski 2012

SPBL Veikkola 2012 Sunday Division 1 & 2 Divisions

Some pictures from sunday at second Finnish League leg.

Tuusula Grind 2012 Training

At last season opened at our home field. Still some snow patches outside the field visible on pictures.

Winter Series Helsinki 22.1.2012

Winter Series Helsinki 22.1.2012

Tuusula Grind Grand Opening

We finally got the turf project finished and it needed a proper initiation. A few games, a few drills, some great BBQ food, zipline fun and swimming. Great success!

Tuusula Grind 2011 training with RQ and TO

Tuusula Grind 2011 training with RQ and TO

SPBL Veikkola 2011

Finnish league and division leg 2/4 in Veikkola

SPBL Oulu 2011

Finnish league and division leg 4/4 in Oulu

SPBL Mikkeli

SPBL Veikkola

SPBL Veikkola Leg 3/4 2010

Cyclone DYE Pro Day - Joel\'s Images

We had a great day of paintball with DYE pro players Mikko Huttunen, Pete Utschig and Devon Stutz! Thanks to all of you and everyone that was there! There is a million pictures to go through, so we will add a new gallery with more on-field material later on!

Millennium Basildon 2010

The trip to the outskirts of London resulted in an 8th place finish after a wild collection of ups and downs for the team.

SPBL Turku

The second leg of four in the SPBL Finnish Championship League. We won the League event! The I-Division posse got through to the semis and continued the season with a second place finish.

SPBL Ikaalinen

The first leg of four in the SPBL Finnish Championship League. We won the League event! The I-Division posse got through to the semis and started the season with a fourth place finish.

SM i Paintball 2010 - Uppsala

The absolutely superb tournament in Uppsala was photographed by BullitProof Monkey. Great photos by on eof the top photographers in the sport. Thank you for the support!

Millennium Malaga 2010 - Marat\'s Pictures

We met Marat Dunyashev at the Turkish Millennium 2009, and had a lot of fun. We received some in-game phototos from him again. Thank you Marat!

Millennium Malaga 2010 - Sam's Pictures

A few shots from the venue, there was plenty of time to hang around.

Toijala 2010

One of the many, many training sessions we had during the cold winter of 2010.

Millennium Basildon 2009

Great photos from Basildon by BullitProof Monkey.

Millennium Antalya 2009 - Marat Dunyashev

Some inside-the-net photogrphy by Marat Dunyashev

SM-Liiga Oulu 2009

Millennium Malaga 2009

The BIG season starter for us. A lot of preparation was put into this, so we felt great and won both the matches that were played before the wind forced the tournament to be cancelled.

Riga April 2009

The first outdoor session of the spring in preparation for Malaga. This was actually a tournament, so we got to play a lot of points with Instinct, Sigur and Chilli Peppers.

BullitProof 2009 - Malaga

A few great shots of us that BullitProof Monkey took for A lot more pictures in the gallery over at <a href=""></a>.

World Cup 2004 part1

World Cup 2004

World Cup 2004 part2

World Cup 2004

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