Winter Training News

After a few weeks of somewhat passive effort, we got the first official Team Session on the way. The forced vacation did its trick and the turnout was surprisingly high. We had a bit of trouble in finding a good venue, but everything worked out well. Hilu had planned a nice set, challenging enough but still not overkill. We agreed to have the team sessions a couple of times a week.

Welcome Kimi & Kassu!

Helsinki Cyclone welcomes the beginning of the new generation to our brotherhood! Kim Vainionpää and Kassu “Päiviö” Hellman, the whole team wishes an ardent welcome. Both Kimi and Kassu are former members of Wipe from Vaasa, but have now migrated to Helsinki. They certainly made an occasion of their initiation to the team, as they were both playing aside us grumpy old men at the World Cup event in Orlando. Gear up now, there’ll be good times ahead!