Winter Training News

A surprisingly high number of players have attended the sessions all three times, and the momentum seems to be catching on in others as well. The team had decided that for best possible development, the use of a professional would be in place and we got a personal trainer to assist us. Today he was with us to meet the guys and give some pointers. We agreed that he would do some research on paintball and draft a training program for the team. He will take coaching responsibility of the Sunday sessions in a couple of week’s time.

Winter Training

Physical fitness. Those still seem to be two words that lift the eyebrows of Joe Paintballer. That’s right Joe, if you want to hack it in the game today you need to lose a few kilos.

After season 2008, we went back to the drawing board. The season had been successful to say the least and most of our goals set pre-season were met. Still, we know that to take ourselves to the next level we need to be better. And by better we mean better on all the levels. We figured that all the snapshooting drills, all the hours spent fine-tuning technical aspects, all the great kit we get to use is not enough unless we commit to the sport fully as an extreme sport. We need to be quicker, stronger, leaner and more agile. The tone for the winter training has been set. We will take ourselves to the next level.

Citius, altius, fortius.