Riga Recap!

A great trip but right here, right now I’m tired as ever!

Somewhat surprisingly, this time around the trip went like a breeze. No problems whatsoever with the law & order, we didn’t even miss the ships, no fatal car crashes, no one went to demand the consigliore to get supplies from McDonalds or for other entertainment…and overall, nothing which “didn’t occur” occurred. Weird?Read More

The Art of Winning

I have now been playing paintball for now more than 15 years with first international tournamet outside scandinavia around -93/94. I have been on the podium on international events more times than I remember from Amateur A ranks all the way to taking 3rd place in Paris Millenium ’05 in CPL. During this time I have seen a number of tournaments where teams step to the table and perform where others have lost even before the buzzer starts the game.

In paintball the real games start on sunday when you are getting to the semifinal stage. Until that stage you can have a number of different level teams against you in prelim games but on sunday the free ride is over. When you are getting to semifinal stage the teams are usually really close to each other in terms of skill and the deciding factor is often no more or less witch team is more hungry for the win.

I have never understood teams that are content to just gettin to sunday. C’mon what the hell is that all about? Sure you can have your goal to get to sundy first but after that you should be ready to push it forward and not just sit on your ass and be happy about it. At that point you dont have anything to loose just to win. Often those teams that just play their hearts out and go for the win are the ones that take the tournament favorite down. Its a coin with two sides if you have one strong favorite for the tournament. The favorite team is expecting nothing more from themselves than to win and if they are too confident about it or arent hungry enough then they usually end as runner ups.

So if you want to win you have to learn how to win and be hungry enough!

15 Years of Finnish Paintball Pt. 1

So, 15 years of Finnish Paintball it is then. Now that these new pages are finally being released I was pressured to write something to them. After a while of thinking and a lot of beverages I thought it best start from the start… And yes… I know there are a lot of players that have played a lot longer than I have and they probably have some great stories too. Unfortunately I’ve never actually read any of these great stories, so dear reader, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.

The other reason for my topic is ofcourse the constant nagging of the younger players about my age. These guys seem to think that a forest is something with mushrooms in it and speedball is remake of an old computer game. The basic player in my team these days has been playing from 2-5 years, an infant compared to my years. So here it begins then…the flow of thoughts from my head. And if you happen to find some sort of hints towards autobiographical writing, congratulations, you’ve passed the first IQ and collect you price at www.cyclone.fi

More soon to follow…