SPBL Round #4… Fight

Last round tomorrow in Tallinn and what a setup it is. Our league team is fighting for second place overall as Fieldfighters is sure to win Finnish Championship. It has been a even year except for top position and three teams are still fighting for the podium positions. I know whatever happens, our guys will party with the FF guys until morning. It has been great to see a team rise through the divisions to take the cup home. Congrats to the guys already, it’s good to be the king!

Div 1 team on the other hand is ready to take the highest podium for second time this year and first time over all. This can be achieved by ending the tournament in higher place than Ässä Creditor from Pori.

Few players are missing from our teams, with league team’s quarterback Sami Turunen is tending his broken leg after almost completing a beautiful frontside ollie. He is probably the most frustrated guy in Finland tomorrow. We will miss him but our lineup is sure to be strong enough to survive this.

Finnish league has been under a tougher management (run by teams) this year, after second round couple of teams were put under threat of a fine because of unsportsmanlike behaviour. After third round one div.1. team was dropped to last position as the mgmt saw that they broke rules regarding using upper division players. It’s going to be fun to see if some team will go all rogue like in the final tourney.

Liveblog/feed will not be around this time, as both teams are playing at the same time tomorrow and the normal operator (c’est moi) is home looking after his very pregnant wife. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

Alex’s bar presents: Eero Kaakkola

The time has come to throw one of our first aces on the table. We promised to bring you guys some really interesting interviews, let’s see how you like these apples.

Many of you guys out there know this story but I’m also quite sure there’s a lot who really don’t. This story starts with one of the biggest turning points in paintball history, the invention of the Eye and continues right down memory lane to the present as seen by Eero Kaakkola. It’s in Finnish but we added some subtitles for our foreign friends.

Check our the video below and enjoy…

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Finnish league’s third leg: Äänekoski

Already weeks before this tournament everything was going horribly wrong. Our training wasn’t going as planned since way too many players were having their vacation mixed just so that we didn’t get even one session with everybody on board. Also many players were unable to participate in the tournament because of one reason or another and top of that, as the icing to our misfortune cake Olli Kemppi injured his tailbone in a forest paintball game and Kim Vainionpää his knee in training. The tournament was closing fast and we literally had no players for our teams… But as it sometimes turns out, our greatest fears turned out to be just that, fears, and the tournament turned out to be one hell of a ride.

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Next stop: SPBL Round #3 Aeaenekoski

Third round. Hardest for top seeded as July’s vacation time hampers training schedule. Our’s have been also affected, with some training’s having as low as 7 participants. Also we are affected with couple of injuries with Olli fracturing his money maker.

Still we have a strong team with four Finnish 2010 Champions on the field.  All other teams are affected with this Summer disease also, but earlier the underdogs have succeeded in third round. Will Fieldfighters have a dismal round, like we did last year?

Will the bottom seeds show heart and rise to the top? Reffing and couple of teams  are under the loop after last tournaments incidents; it will be interesting to see what will bubble up day after tomorrow.

Livefeed will make an apperance: now with more cameras, more action, more excitement, more talk, and jokes stay cheesy as always. Live is the place to be on Saturday. Video platform will be again Justin.tv. You can get an app for IOS, to watch the stream on the road.   I have also heard that there will be another stream from the organizers with more professional touch, we’ll ping you their feed when we get the info Our liveblog is also live with Scribble at Live.