Finnish league’s third leg: Äänekoski

Already weeks before this tournament everything was going horribly wrong. Our training wasn’t going as planned since way too many players were having their vacation mixed just so that we didn’t get even one session with everybody on board. Also many players were unable to participate in the tournament because of one reason or another and top of that, as the icing to our misfortune cake Olli Kemppi injured his tailbone in a forest paintball game and Kim Vainionpää his knee in training. The tournament was closing fast and we literally had no players for our teams… But as it sometimes turns out, our greatest fears turned out to be just that, fears, and the tournament turned out to be one hell of a ride.

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Next stop: SPBL Round #3 Aeaenekoski

Third round. Hardest for top seeded as July’s vacation time hampers training schedule. Our’s have been also affected, with some training’s having as low as 7 participants. Also we are affected with couple of injuries with Olli fracturing his money maker.

Still we have a strong team with four Finnish 2010 Champions on the field.  All other teams are affected with this Summer disease also, but earlier the underdogs have succeeded in third round. Will Fieldfighters have a dismal round, like we did last year?

Will the bottom seeds show heart and rise to the top? Reffing and couple of teams  are under the loop after last tournaments incidents; it will be interesting to see what will bubble up day after tomorrow.

Livefeed will make an apperance: now with more cameras, more action, more excitement, more talk, and jokes stay cheesy as always. Live is the place to be on Saturday. Video platform will be again You can get an app for IOS, to watch the stream on the road.   I have also heard that there will be another stream from the organizers with more professional touch, we’ll ping you their feed when we get the info Our liveblog is also live with Scribble at Live.

Player profile: Tomi Lindholm



Name: Tomi Lindholm
Years played: 5
Years in Cyclone: 4
Former teams: Voodoo Legacy
Current Status: Active player

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

When I started playing in D2 in 2007 I didn’t really have any goals, after the first tournament I played I thought that this is pretty cool and I could play paintball more often. In 2007 I guess my goal was to learn to play the game well enough to make a difference on the field. Next year our team had a clear goal and that was to win D2, after all we had been practicing quite a lot for a D2 team. So in 2008 we actually did win D2 and we were moving to D1 for season 2009 that was when I thought that I might actually someday have a chance to win a Finnish championship. So today my goal is to win a Finnish championship.
During the few years I have played I have also been able to play in Millennium series and from there comes my second goal which is to win a tournament or two.

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Alex’s bar: Greetings from SPBL 2012 teams – episode I

Finally, Alex’s bar is here.

Alex’s bar is an idea that has been brewing in our brains for years now. Every summer we’ve said to our selves that this summer we’ll start… but every fall we’d find out we just didn’t have the time. Now, finally this summer is THE summer.

We’ve been filming vids from tournaments for years now but we never actually had a purpose for that. Now we do. The idea is simple. Alex’s bar is a place where all interesting talking happens. We might have the youngest most unknown player in the Finnish scene or we might have the biggest name in the business talking with us, the point is that everything that is even remotely interesting can be seen from the Cyclone site. I welcome you all to visit Alex’s bar… stay tuned, I guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay.

Oh… almost forgot. Who is bartender Alex? Alex is of course our own Aleksi Peltonen, the 10 time Finnish League winner and a paintballer who’s literally played everywhere and with everyone. From Alex you can always get a tasty beverage and a piece of age old Paintball wisdom.

Greetings from SPBL 2012 teams

We’ll start of with a couple of vids from the Finnish League Piikkiö round. In the pouring rain we talked to some of the biggest names in Finnish paintball to find out what’s going on.

Heres Kai Siltala the owner of Turku Dream Team

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And heres Jarkko Tervonen from RumaQ

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