Cyclones Helsinki – What to do after the Games

This weekend the Finnish League will be held at ProPark Kirkkonummi. This will bring paintballers from all around Finland to the nations capital. But what to do after the games are over..? We’ve been talking for a while now about writing a “When in Helsinki where to go” blog. And here it is, enjoy!


After a tournament the first thing you need to do is get all the dirt off your body and the best way to do this is of course sauna. Cyclone recommends the Kulttuurisauna at Merihaka. This is a public Sauna built for Helsinki’s Design Capital year. This place is absolutely gorgeous, it’s warmed with wood pellets and you can swim in the ocean. You need 15€ to get in, a towel of your own (rented towel is 4€) and swimming trunks. Alcohol is not allowed in.

It’s not directly in the center but it’s not far away either. You can walk, use public transportation (metro, trams and buses stop at Hakaniemi) or take a taxi which will cost about 10€ from the center.

Address: Hakaniemenranta 17, 00530 Helsinki
Open from Wednesday to Sunday 16:00 – 20:00


After a tournament you should eat a healthy and nutritious meal… which nobody does. Here’s a couple of places to get good food  with decent prices right in the center of Helsinki:

Restaurant Ilves

Ilves (or bobcat) is a bar in Kamppi. It serves damn good burgers, steaks, salads etc.. And since it’s a bar you don’t even have to find another place to sit and tell war stories.
Address: Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6  00100 Helsinki
Open: Mon – Wed 15:00 – 23:00, Fri to Sat 15:00 – 03:00, Closed on Sun – Mon through the summer

Puttes bar&pizza

The best pizza in Helsinki. Pizzas are made the real Italian way and you really can taste it. Just like Ilves, it’s a bar as well.
Address: Kalevankatu 6 Helsinki
Open Mon-Tue 11-24, Wed-Thu 11-02 Fri-Sat 11-03 Sun 14-24


Kitch is more like bistro then a bar but still with good food and none of the restaurant hassle. Tapas, burgers, salads, steaks etc. from here as well.
Address: Yrjönkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki
Open: Mon – Tue 14 – 22, Wed – Fri 14 – 23, Sat 12 – 23

Ps. Almost all restaurants in Helsinki close their kitchens at 22:00 so you need to order before 21:30


Mbar Terrace

Since it’s summer you can find good terraces all around the city, but there is only one Mbar. The Mbar terrace is the coolest, hippest and best terrace of them all. Dj’s, live music and a great party every night the sun shines (and even if it doesn’t). The terrace is located on the courtyard of Lasipalatsi. It’s right next to another terrace called Laituri, but you don’t wan’t to go there. Like I said there is only one Mbar.
Address: Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki
Open: Daily 12 – 02


When the evening turns into night you need the Club and Maxine is it. We haven’t actually tested this yet but since Helsinki Cyclone’s own Niclas Belfrage is on the case, it’s going to be good. On the top floor of Kamppi center Maxine has the best club spot of the whole city.
Address: Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, 6. kerros, 00100 Helsinki


The unofficial player’s party of Kirkkonummi Finnish League will be held at Maxine Saturday 27th of July. Contact Helsinki Cyclone players for details!!!

Planes, trains and automobiles

Throughout the years Helsinki Cyclone has travelled the paintball world using all transport modes possible. One of the meanest and also on of the most memorable would be the trip to Paris 7-man world cup with a car in one and a half days. That’s 2400km and it has a ferry on the way, do the math. That trip could be labeled with a Finnish paintball phrase “fastly and efficiently”… And yes, many of you know we hate that sort of trips.

Occasionally though they have their advantages and their own twisted sort of fun. This was one of those times.The Iceball arena cup was to be held in Moscow on the third weekend of December and our good friends theField Fighter boys asked if we were interested in a joint team effort for the tournament. This would not only mean that we’d get to participate in the tournament but also see Moscow with a someonewho speaks the language… Surprise surprise, we said yes.

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Millennium 2012 Paris World Cup – part 2

Day 2

If the first day was the definition of perfect, the second and third days were the complete opposite of that. We woke up early for our morning game and at that moment the weather seemed fine. A bit chilly but still sunny. There was a small hope in our minds that the weatherman would have predicted wrong and the rainstorm would just vanish in to thin air… It didn’t. The other thing to darken our day was a error made by the Marshalls on our Friday scores. Before our second game on Friday one of our younger players returned our player list to the Marshalls as needed. Only this time they asked for a signature on the paper. Not knowing any better the signature was given and that was it. Only after the game we noticed that we weren’t asked a confirmation on the score of the game and to our surprise the Marshalls had messed up the final score. The score on the card said 3-2 instead of 4-2. We tried to change this with the organizers but even the word of the Stockholm Ignition captain didn’t help. The messed up score stayed on the board and would cause havoc to our upcoming games.

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Millennium 2012 Paris World Cup – part 1

Firstly a small apology to all our readers. It seems i had developed some sort of writer’s block during the long season and simply could not get this report out of me. Maybe the long season strained me even more I thought… Whatever the reason sorry for the delay and here it comes. Enjoy.

The Millennium. I’ve often wondered what is it that draws me here. I mean it’s silly to fly all the way from Finland to play a tournament in some European city and pay yourself sick doing it. Or is it? I’ve played tournaments all around Finland and abroad just always come to the conclusion that the Millennium is THE tournament to play in Europe and there is none quite like it. This time it was the turn of the Paris World Cup.

The Team

We were supposed to play this tournament with just Helsinki Cyclone guys but since the accident of our own mr. Frontside and the joyful but badly timed promotion of Toni Sireni we ended up with a team different than usual. Helsinki Cyclone was represented by this years undeniable new Cyclone talents Tomi Lindholm and Wilhe Knaapi and the older section consisting of Olli Kemppi and yours truly… me Pertti Berg. Our team was also strengthened by former Cyclone and now Trivoga player Jesse Johansson and the recent Finnish League Champion from Field Fighter Tolik Zubarev

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