Player profile: Tomi Lindholm


Name: Tomi Lindholm
Years played: 5
Years in Cyclone: 4
Former teams: Voodoo Legacy
Current Status: Active player
What is or has been your goal in paintball?
When I started playing in D2 in 2007 I didn’t really have any goals, after the first tournament I played I thought that this is pretty cool and I could play paintball more often. In 2007 I guess my …

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Our Div 1 team Cyclone Voodoo is playing today

Cyclone Livescore 2012 – round #1 Piikkiö

Welcome to Cloudyand rainy Piikkiö. First round of Finnish League Paintball. Once again we will try something new. If connection gods arewilling, we will getsomevideo fromsite.
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Welcome to Helsinki Cyclone season 2012

… Yes yes I know the season started over a month ago in St. Tropez. The thing is that I was in Asia and Jii, who usually writes a lot here, is writing his Masters thesis right know. And besides the Finnish season starts later then usual this year.
Anyways. The point here is that we’ve noticed the Cyclone site winding …