Season 2013 – Rise of the New Wave

It’s time to write about the season that ended again. I feel that every year I start these with the same phrase: it’s been a hard season for the team, and it feels kind of silly. To be honest though it really feels like that again. Maybe it’s because we didn’t quite reach our set goals or that we lost our own field and had to renew our  training methods.

Whatever the reasons this year wasn’t easy for any of us and yet it still managed to be a great year of fun. Here’s a rundown on the dramatic turn of events.

The practice

We had to give our field Tuusula Grind away for the same stupid reasons that most paintball fields are lost. Someone wrote a letter to the local newspaper that we were a bunch of warmongers and crazies drinking beer and shouting on the field. Even as this was all untrue it didn’t stop the owners of the land from panicking and throwing us out. There might be a more detailed writing coming up later… if I get around to writing it. Because of this we had to figure out our training again and we had to give up our three times a week schedule. We ended up training in the Sissos Bunker for the winter season and moving our turf to the ProGames Propark in Kirkkonummi. The turf was built with the co-operation of Field Fighter Paintball Club and is now for the benefit of all Finnish paintball teams. It’s by far the best field in all of Finland. This was not completely pro bono since our benefit is a deal with ProGames to use the field for a certain period of time but the big point here is that no money changed hands and all work was done by paintballers for the love of the sport. So Finnish paintballers all over the country, you’re welcome and you might want to reconsider your views on FF not being a Finnish team.


The tournaments

This year we decided that we’d take it easy in the Finnish tournament scene and that we would continue our baby steps abroad. The plan was to play 1-2 Millenniums on top of the Finnish league. It didn’t quite go as we thought. We ended up playing more tournaments than the team has played in years. Before the season started we visited the Moscow Ice Ball, during the spring we played the two Sissos Winter Series tournaments and in the summer we played the Finnish league with two teams, the whole Baltic Sea Cup and the Campaign Cup in Basildon. We even thought long and hard about the last Millennium leg but simply ran out of money. It’s now evident that the new players of Cyclone are as hungry as the old used to be and we’ll be making our comeback on the European scene very soon.

The Results

As I mentioned, our results this year didn’t quite reach our expectations but what we did get was a lot of experience with the new players. Here’s the stats:

Winter Cup 1.div (2 tournaments) – 1st overall

Baltic Sea Cup 1.div (4 tournaments) – 4th overall

Baltic Sea Cup 3.div (1 tournament) – 3th overall

The Finnish League (4 tournaments) – 4th overall

Finnish League 1.div (4 tournaments) – 2nd overall

Millennium Series 2.div (1 tournament) – 21th overall

 The Team

The numbers

This year we were a bit lazy. I’m not even going to review our physics training since it was basically done only by certain individuals of the team. Paintball sessions we had 43 and within those sessions we shot 438 cases of paint on someone’s face. We played 6 Countries, 10 cities and 12 tournament plus one, as our own Sami Turunen has just came home from playing in the Asia World Cup with the team Anthrax Regian. The numbers for the paint shot in tournaments I don’t have since the organizers tend to send only the sums with the bills, but I’d say it’s about 300-400 cases. So you might say we kept busy.

The players

We’ve had a tradition to award a couple of player every year and these are the results:

Most Valuable Player – Toni Sireni

Best League Player – Tomi Lindholm

Best 1.Division Player – Ilmari Häkkinen

Most Positive Player  – Tomi Lindholm

Congratulations for all.

The Thanks

Our two biggest thanks go of course to our main sponsors: Sissos and Dye Paintball

With Sissos everything just works, we get to test numerous different paints before every tournament to find the best paint to use. I don’t know how we lived without this service.

With Dye markers and gear you can always concentrate 100% on the game and you never have to worry about the gear. You know everything will work like clockwork every time. 10 years with Dye and still going strong. #dyepaintball #sissos

Here’s the websites you really need to visit: and

For a bonus we edited our shenanigans caught on tape throughout the year. Enjoy.

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Also don’t forget the videos A$P made during the year:

The Greetings

Season 2013 is now finally and officially done but before we wrap it up for good there’s a couple of greetings we want to send out. Big up for our awesome friends Ash Chaplen, Hidde Feenstra, Mikko Huttunen, Jesper Toivola, Stockholm Ignition, Amsterdam Anarchy, our friends from all the Baltic teams and of course all our friends here in Finland. Also big hugs to all our girlfriends, wives , moms and dads for all your support. See you all again when the season 2014 arrives…

Crash at the Coast Miami 2011 Video – Nice!

HK Army released the video of their 5 day clinic/party held in Miami around new years. Seems like it’s been a huge blast, reminds me of all the good times we’ve had on the trips, gotta go again soon! This is definitely one of the most fun clips I’ve seen in a million years, and a proper load of effort put in in post production! Check it out 🙂

Back to work!

After a bit of a pause after the last Finnish League and Millennium Series Paris… No, wait, who am I kidding? After way too long of a break – over a month longer than last year – it’s again time to gather our sports gear and hit the gym. The demand for this has been steadily developing as the spouses become more and more annoyed with the expanding blob taking up space on the sofa. And just when I got to resting a pint handily on the belly..

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2010 – The season in numbers

While writing the previous article on the SPBL Mikkeli Leg, I went through our team bulletin board to do a quick summary of the trainings we had prior to the last event, and I got a bit curious. Last year we also did an internal summary of statistics at our season-ender party, and I figured what the heck, I could count the practises and other general things as a blog post as well. Turns out it wasn’t such a quick little thing to do after all..

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Summing up the Cyclone DYE Pro Training Day

Wow, a week has already flown since we had the privilege of having Mikko, Pete and Devon with us for a great day of pro player tips, tricks and drills – sorry about the delay. If you missed the event, you really missed out on a lot of good stuff and there is no excuse for you. Except maybe for Hilu, who called us early in the morning quite upset complaining that “for NINE MONTHS she has been swelling up slowly and steadily, going past the due date just to give birth TODAY! TODAY OF ALL DAYS!” There’s little you can add to that..

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Cyclone DYE Pro Day!

Mikko Huttunen, Pete “Mr. U” Utschig and Devon Stutz will be hosting a pro day at our training field in Tuusula on Friday, July 9th 2010 from 12.00 to 17.00 (5 PM). Due to the time constraints, the number of participants is also limited to ensure proper attention to each. We can only take 20 participants in total, and there are only a few places left!

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Thoughts on Physical Training, Mind Games Continued

In my first post on this site, I pondered about the strains that tournaments put on our body and mind. The solution for body was covered, and is nothing new, but what about the mind? Again most of these ideas are presented in other channels, but I see them important enough for repetition.

The mental side of paintball is often thought to be a totally different animal and it’s training somewhat unquantifiable. I think this only partly right. Physical training, when done well is about getting you to push through those mental limits that we all have. This constant “overdoing it” prepares the mind for the torrential rains of London, the heat of Malaga and the top players of the game. It really is the old platitude: No pain no gain. Continue reading “Thoughts on Physical Training, Mind Games Continued”

Thoughts on Physical Training

I’m the first to admit that I hate winter. Especially this one where all warmth has left us Finns to the embrace of record snow falls and at worst -25 degrees Celsius temperatures and gusty winds. This has been a time, when I’ve doubted my sense to go jogging into the bitter cold. Thank the maker for gyms and central heating.

I believe that physical fitness is something Finnish Paintballers aren’t concentrating enough on. Of course we, the competition paintballers, have left behind the time, when our back players were all over 30 BMI. Still, Cyclones target for this year: getting to play all the games in the final day of all the Millennium tournaments, is something I think few of us Finns are equipped to deal with. It really takes endurance both from the body and mind to keep pushing through those snakes point after point and game after game.

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What’s up?

What’s up guys? I decided to write something what’s going on with me and cali paintballing.

Four weeks to the first PSP event. We have been practicing a lot, weekend after weekend.. If I’m talking true so I’m getting little bit tired of this but I want to get so much better so I have to keep practicing hard. Actually we are going to Arizona to play AZPPL this weekend, I think we are going to win that tournament.. hopefully. But still we have to practice more if we want to win PSP. And everyone in the team says that we are not even close to that level what we have to be if we want to win the PSP. So we have to grind hard and yeah.
Last weekend we played few points against Ironmen. They are so good and they killed us. By the way it’s pretty cool to get bunkered by Oliver Lang. But yeah, when you practice against Ironmen you will learn so much, you can’t do any mistakes or you are done.

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Video from Kasimir’s Team Practise!

Kasimir let us know that Velocity Wrecking Crew has pretty much disbanded, and most of the team players moved to Nicky Cuba’s youth project, the NuSkool University. Last weekend the team had its first real practise session, on Saturday they did mostly drills and such, and on Sunday they got to practise against Aftermath II and SD Mob.

Here’s a video shot over the weekend by R.A.R films:

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