2016 done, 2017 here we come.

2016 season was a strong season domesticly with us winning both SPBL League and Division 1. Season 2016 was a season to save some resources and skipping tournaments abroad. Our end of season goal was trip NXL World Cup playing a format we hadn’t done in a few years. Learning curve was steap and end result wasn’t what we expected but we had some good games and gained some good experience how we need to prepare for possible 2017 return.

2017 season will see us returning to European tournament scene with us making comeback to the Millennium Series at semiprofessional level. In our roster we will have some new and old faces so it will be quite an exciting season.

A Brief Update

Hello friends!
And at first, let me apologize the fact that we haven’t been writing to our website for such a long time. All kinds of excuses could be told but to be honest, we’ve been quite busy because all the team stuff that we have to manage to get our number one thing going – playing paintball under the name of Helsinki Cyclone. Like you may have noticed, most of our internet activity has lately been in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HelsinkiCyclone), Twitter (https://twitter.com/helsinkicyclone) and in the latest addition, Instagram (https://instagram.com/helsinki_cyclone/ ).

So here is a little update what we have been up to lately:
During the spring time we started our practice at new domestic sponsor’ s field at Progames (www.progames.fi) at the time when snow was still present. Later on we played CPS Rome placing 3rd in PRO Challengers division. Later on we visited Uppsala, Sweden and had a awesome two day practice with Stockholm Ignition just a week before CPS Arnhem. In Arnhem we dropped the ball a bit and were left on 4th place in Challengers.

SPBL 1/4 podium
In the domestic scene we started the season in Kirkkonummi and what a start it was! Dropping the ball only once in prelims against Dream Team and giving it all back in the final by beating Dream Team 5-1. The second event of SPBL was played in Vierumäki Sports Center and we had a small surprise to all the other teams: We brought in our new player Mishka Kniazew. I guess some of you might have heard from that guy before? Anyway, in that tournament we didn’t drop the ball at all and we won all of our games and the entire event. So two event wins for us and we’re leading the series so far… Mishka Knyazev #77
Two weeks after SPBL we flew to Paris for CPS. This time it was something else since we were forced to participate PRO Champions division games because the lack of participants in Challengers. Actually we were quite happy because of that since we wanted to know how does it feel like to play in the PRO. And I guess we had a huge surpise to all the people playing and watching the event: in the prelims we lost only to Paris Camp Carnage 5-2 and won ML Kings 5-3, Dice Sound 5-4(ot) and PPArena 5-0! So after the prelims we placed 2nd in the score board.
CPS Pro podium
In the semifinal we faced ML Kings again in a pouring rain. This time The Kings managed to take the game 4-2 when the time ran out. Sad for us since we really felt like that game should have been ours. We only wish that we had 10 seconds more playing time, since the field was empty of ML Kings players and we had 4 guys alive when the buzzer went off.
Well okay, losing the semifinal wasn’t that bad since we had proven a point and made it 3rd in our first PRO-event after such a long time and none of us can’t say that it really felt good!
So at this time of the season we’re really excited and just waiting for the next SPBL league which is played in Piikkiö next weekend! See you all there!

What is the CYCLONE – MEN

THE TEAM philosophy is based on two of the most important rules that professional (and successful) paintball teams follow.

  • Nobody practices
  • All official team decisions are made in a bar

Some background. Many may know Helsinki Cyclone is the most successful Finnish team ever (ever) with nearly 10 Finnish championship wins as well as having played CPL in the millennium and having visited the World Cup at least in 2003-2004-2006-2008 etc. The true culture of cyclone is to play the sport of paintball seriously and with the goal of winning. With the relatively successful heritage and high goals set on the organization, many tournaments tend to get very serious and unnecessarily tense in many ways. There is nothing really wrong with serious and tense when we are out there to make 1st place. However, this is not always very fun and often you don’t make the podium.


So, Cyclone – Men was formed within Cyclone as a counter culture to “winning is not everything it’s the only thing” mentality. Mainly, Cyclone – Men just want to have the most fun while shooting, killing and winning.

So who are the “men” and where do they come from. Basically we are Cyclone players who are active or retired. To clarify, retired in Cyclone means that you do not practice any more and hence, can’t play in tournaments where Cyclone plays to win.

For the first tournament Cyclone – Men’s Supreme Council ended up inviting 10 players to the Mad Croc tournament. This included three retired players (Kasi, Nimi and The Stallion). Since the team was built with seasoned players and we had no real winning pressures we really didn’t emphasize too much on planning or any other “strategic” bullshit. We came a bit late to the field so all we had time for was to form four pairs, two for snake side 2 for the Dorito side and then we had two center players. During the games we had little communication on who’s doing what etc. We just went on the field and made kills in our area.


Over all we had a great tournament at Mad Crock. We ended second, after a tight over time in the final against our old adversary the Field Fighters (who according to unconfirmed rumors had Mishka Knaziev coaching them). To clarify we totally could have won and the only team we lost to during the whole day was Field Fighters.

Looking into the future the “men” shell mainly focus on team meetings.

Season 2013 – Rise of the New Wave

It’s time to write about the season that ended again. I feel that every year I start these with the same phrase: it’s been a hard season for the team, and it feels kind of silly. To be honest though it really feels like that again. Maybe it’s because we didn’t quite reach our set goals or that we lost our own field and had to renew our  training methods.

Whatever the reasons this year wasn’t easy for any of us and yet it still managed to be a great year of fun. Here’s a rundown on the dramatic turn of events.

The practice

We had to give our field Tuusula Grind away for the same stupid reasons that most paintball fields are lost. Someone wrote a letter to the local newspaper that we were a bunch of warmongers and crazies drinking beer and shouting on the field. Even as this was all untrue it didn’t stop the owners of the land from panicking and throwing us out. There might be a more detailed writing coming up later… if I get around to writing it. Because of this we had to figure out our training again and we had to give up our three times a week schedule. We ended up training in the Sissos Bunker for the winter season and moving our turf to the ProGames Propark in Kirkkonummi. The turf was built with the co-operation of Field Fighter Paintball Club and is now for the benefit of all Finnish paintball teams. It’s by far the best field in all of Finland. This was not completely pro bono since our benefit is a deal with ProGames to use the field for a certain period of time but the big point here is that no money changed hands and all work was done by paintballers for the love of the sport. So Finnish paintballers all over the country, you’re welcome and you might want to reconsider your views on FF not being a Finnish team.


The tournaments

This year we decided that we’d take it easy in the Finnish tournament scene and that we would continue our baby steps abroad. The plan was to play 1-2 Millenniums on top of the Finnish league. It didn’t quite go as we thought. We ended up playing more tournaments than the team has played in years. Before the season started we visited the Moscow Ice Ball, during the spring we played the two Sissos Winter Series tournaments and in the summer we played the Finnish league with two teams, the whole Baltic Sea Cup and the Campaign Cup in Basildon. We even thought long and hard about the last Millennium leg but simply ran out of money. It’s now evident that the new players of Cyclone are as hungry as the old used to be and we’ll be making our comeback on the European scene very soon.

The Results

As I mentioned, our results this year didn’t quite reach our expectations but what we did get was a lot of experience with the new players. Here’s the stats:

Winter Cup 1.div (2 tournaments) – 1st overall

Baltic Sea Cup 1.div (4 tournaments) – 4th overall

Baltic Sea Cup 3.div (1 tournament) – 3th overall

The Finnish League (4 tournaments) – 4th overall

Finnish League 1.div (4 tournaments) – 2nd overall

Millennium Series 2.div (1 tournament) – 21th overall

 The Team

The numbers

This year we were a bit lazy. I’m not even going to review our physics training since it was basically done only by certain individuals of the team. Paintball sessions we had 43 and within those sessions we shot 438 cases of paint on someone’s face. We played 6 Countries, 10 cities and 12 tournament plus one, as our own Sami Turunen has just came home from playing in the Asia World Cup with the team Anthrax Regian. The numbers for the paint shot in tournaments I don’t have since the organizers tend to send only the sums with the bills, but I’d say it’s about 300-400 cases. So you might say we kept busy.

The players

We’ve had a tradition to award a couple of player every year and these are the results:

Most Valuable Player – Toni Sireni

Best League Player – Tomi Lindholm

Best 1.Division Player – Ilmari Häkkinen

Most Positive Player  – Tomi Lindholm

Congratulations for all.

The Thanks

Our two biggest thanks go of course to our main sponsors: Sissos and Dye Paintball

With Sissos everything just works, we get to test numerous different paints before every tournament to find the best paint to use. I don’t know how we lived without this service.

With Dye markers and gear you can always concentrate 100% on the game and you never have to worry about the gear. You know everything will work like clockwork every time. 10 years with Dye and still going strong. #dyepaintball #sissos

Here’s the websites you really need to visit: www.dyepaintball.com and www.Sissos.fi

For a bonus we edited our shenanigans caught on tape throughout the year. Enjoy.

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Also don’t forget the videos A$P made during the year: https://www.youtube.com/user/ASProductionOfficial?feature=watch

The Greetings

Season 2013 is now finally and officially done but before we wrap it up for good there’s a couple of greetings we want to send out. Big up for our awesome friends Ash Chaplen, Hidde Feenstra, Mikko Huttunen, Jesper Toivola, Stockholm Ignition, Amsterdam Anarchy, our friends from all the Baltic teams and of course all our friends here in Finland. Also big hugs to all our girlfriends, wives , moms and dads for all your support. See you all again when the season 2014 arrives…

Player profile: Tomi Lindholm



Name: Tomi Lindholm
Years played: 5
Years in Cyclone: 4
Former teams: Voodoo Legacy
Current Status: Active player

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

When I started playing in D2 in 2007 I didn’t really have any goals, after the first tournament I played I thought that this is pretty cool and I could play paintball more often. In 2007 I guess my goal was to learn to play the game well enough to make a difference on the field. Next year our team had a clear goal and that was to win D2, after all we had been practicing quite a lot for a D2 team. So in 2008 we actually did win D2 and we were moving to D1 for season 2009 that was when I thought that I might actually someday have a chance to win a Finnish championship. So today my goal is to win a Finnish championship.
During the few years I have played I have also been able to play in Millennium series and from there comes my second goal which is to win a tournament or two.

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It’s league time!!!

The Delayed Finnish league is finally here almosta a month late. The First leg will be Turku… or Piikkiö to be precise a small town 30km from Turku. As can be expected Helsinki Cyclone is out in force to give some serious beans to our opponents. The main league fleet will be arriving to hotel kivitasku on Friday to chill out and get a good night sleep. The rest of the team will arrive on Saturday morning to help with coaching and pitting as is the Cyclone way. When the team wins the whole team wins, it’s never just about the boys on the field.

This year as before we’ll be serving our fans Cyclone LiveScores, Liveblogging and some new cool stuff to feel the same vibe at home as on the site. Also Alex’s bar will be making a come back to the site, serving paintballers and fans with nice beverages and lifetime paintballwisdom of one of the finnish greats bartender Alex.


Time to meet the sponsors

As before Helsinki Cyclone is sponsored by many different parties here in Finland and abroad.

 Dye Precision

It’s the DM12, the Rotor , the gear… it’s the everything, you just can’t beat Dye in their game. We used this gear since the first DM and it’s always been brilliant. Live the Life as they say


Enhance your marker and your Rotor with some kick ass Chips. You won’t regret it, it’s like Viagra for the gear

Max’s and Action Games

We’ve used all the different paint that money can buy and we’ve always used the one that works best. We need the best paint from all the different brands and we need the best distributor to get it for us. We use Max’s and Action Games you should too.


Our home Tuusula Grind has had a turf for two seasons now and we’ve tested every shue there is. Trust me when I say this is the one you want


Visiting the Swedes

After a quiet season of 2011 Cyclone is back in business visiting our neighbouring Paintballers and I have to say it’s about frigging time. We started the tour visiting Riga for the second leg of the Winter Cup in March, followed by a Photography trip to the Millenium Series season opener in Saint-Tropez, and now just before the Finnish summer we were off to see the Swedes. This is our second trip to Uppsala to play the Open CPL. The first trip was in 2010 and we had a blast. No reason then to expect anything less.

This year’s posse comprised of the old school guys Aleksi and Markku , the youngins Wilhe, Olli  and the in betweener Janne. We also had Miro from PPW to strenghthen our ranks.

Everyone else but Janne and Miro left on Thursday straight from a Tuusula Grind practice session to the Stockholm ferry. Not because they actually had to be in Sweden on Friday but to fully enjoy the subtle attractions of the ferry… And as expected I’ve been informed that the trip details are not to be revealed on this site. But let’s just say that the guys enjoyed some wine, danced with some attractive ladies and went to bed early. And yes, the videotape from the trip has been buried on the backyard and will not be seen ever again.

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Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Sami Turunen

Sami Turunen

Name: Sami “Pamppu” Turunen

Years played: I started playing paintball 1995, but had three  years off because of injuries so I guess the total amount of seasons would be 14. I started playing tournament paintball right at the moment I bought my own gear. The international circuit is fairly new to me, my first tournament abroad was 2008 World Cup and after that I’ve played Millennium Series, Baltic Sea cup and so on…

Years in Cyclone: I joined the black’n’blue family for the season 2008 and I’ve been here ever since and won’t go away.. and the amount of years, five-ish for me too.

Former teams: Maantiekiitäjät PBT (a.k.a. Kiitäjät), Prollari, NitroX, Voodoo Legacy

Current Status: I’m one of the SPBL’s board, I’m one of the most active players in the team, I’m one of the people who run things behind the curtains, I’m one of the coaching staff, I eat most of the sausages Alex grills for the team. I try to do whatever is needed

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

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Welcome to Helsinki Cyclone season 2012

… Yes yes I know the season started over a month ago in St. Tropez. The thing is that I was in Asia and Jii, who usually writes a lot here, is writing his Masters thesis right know. And besides the Finnish season starts later then usual this year.

Anyways. The point here is that we’ve noticed the Cyclone site winding down on posts last year and have decided to do something about it. This season were going to activate the site to a new level with a couple of new projects as well as continuing with the old ones. Besides playing paintball we all have real jobs as well so I’m hoping that all of these plans are realized. We’ll certainly give it our best shot, that we can promise. Here’s a small run down on what to be expected, enjoy:

Helsinki Cyclone player profiles

This actually started already with the first profile coming out a week ago. During the season we’re going to present the profiles of the active and the inactive (if we can find them) players of the team. With this we’ll try to serve our fans by giving a face to the players seen on the site and on Facebook.

Cyclone’s Helsinki

The idea for this came this spring when the Copenhagen Ducks were coming to play in the Winter Cup. The guys emailed us and asked what to do and where to go in Helsinki. As can be guessed we had no answers at first. It’s much harder to name cool places in your home town then to find them when your visiting another.

This season we’re releasing a series of blogs on places to visit when in Helsinki. The places will not be the same as in Lonely planet, not even close, they will be the places we like go and were we like to hang out. Lonely Planet is written for all visitor to Helsinki, but Cyclone’s Helsinki is written for paintballers. Now you can decide which group you belong to.

Alex’s bar

This is actually an old idea, which we were supposed to do a long time ago. It’s a video blog of interviews happening in “Alex’s bar”. This year we’re interviewing the Finnish paintball somebodies, trying to squeeze out anything that might be interesting for our readers.

Online reporting from tournaments

The Cyclone LiveScores will continue for sure as well as the LiveBlog (if the technology can be mustered up) for at least the first day of the tournaments. We’ll also try to surprise you guys with something new if we can, but no promises yet

Don’t forget, you can also find us from Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HelsinkiCyclone

Big greets to all brothers in paint we hope you’ll enjoy the ride

Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg

Here is the first of a series of former and current Cyclone member interviews that we will be doing.

Name: Pertti Berg although everybody calls me Raffe

Years played: I’ve been playing since the early 90’s so that makes it something like 20 years
now… Feeling kinda old here… Tournament paint I started somewhere around 97 and been
playing in Finland and all around Europe ever since.

Years in Cyclone: I joined Cyclone after the 2007 season so that’s 5ish years and counting Continue reading “Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg”