Cyclones Helsinki – What to do after the Games

This weekend the Finnish League will be held at ProPark Kirkkonummi. This will bring paintballers from all around Finland to the nations capital. But what to do after the games are over..? We’ve been talking for a while now about writing a “When in Helsinki where to go” blog. And here it is, enjoy!


After a tournament the first thing you need to do is get all the dirt off your body and the best way to do this is of course sauna. Cyclone recommends the Kulttuurisauna at Merihaka. This is a public Sauna built for Helsinki’s Design Capital year. This place is absolutely gorgeous, it’s warmed with wood pellets and you can swim in the ocean. You need 15€ to get in, a towel of your own (rented towel is 4€) and swimming trunks. Alcohol is not allowed in.

It’s not directly in the center but it’s not far away either. You can walk, use public transportation (metro, trams and buses stop at Hakaniemi) or take a taxi which will cost about 10€ from the center.

Address: Hakaniemenranta 17, 00530 Helsinki
Open from Wednesday to Sunday 16:00 – 20:00


After a tournament you should eat a healthy and nutritious meal… which nobody does. Here’s a couple of places to get good food  with decent prices right in the center of Helsinki:

Restaurant Ilves

Ilves (or bobcat) is a bar in Kamppi. It serves damn good burgers, steaks, salads etc.. And since it’s a bar you don’t even have to find another place to sit and tell war stories.
Address: Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6  00100 Helsinki
Open: Mon – Wed 15:00 – 23:00, Fri to Sat 15:00 – 03:00, Closed on Sun – Mon through the summer

Puttes bar&pizza

The best pizza in Helsinki. Pizzas are made the real Italian way and you really can taste it. Just like Ilves, it’s a bar as well.
Address: Kalevankatu 6 Helsinki
Open Mon-Tue 11-24, Wed-Thu 11-02 Fri-Sat 11-03 Sun 14-24


Kitch is more like bistro then a bar but still with good food and none of the restaurant hassle. Tapas, burgers, salads, steaks etc. from here as well.
Address: Yrjönkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki
Open: Mon – Tue 14 – 22, Wed – Fri 14 – 23, Sat 12 – 23

Ps. Almost all restaurants in Helsinki close their kitchens at 22:00 so you need to order before 21:30


Mbar Terrace

Since it’s summer you can find good terraces all around the city, but there is only one Mbar. The Mbar terrace is the coolest, hippest and best terrace of them all. Dj’s, live music and a great party every night the sun shines (and even if it doesn’t). The terrace is located on the courtyard of Lasipalatsi. It’s right next to another terrace called Laituri, but you don’t wan’t to go there. Like I said there is only one Mbar.
Address: Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki
Open: Daily 12 – 02


When the evening turns into night you need the Club and Maxine is it. We haven’t actually tested this yet but since Helsinki Cyclone’s own Niclas Belfrage is on the case, it’s going to be good. On the top floor of Kamppi center Maxine has the best club spot of the whole city.
Address: Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, 6. kerros, 00100 Helsinki


The unofficial player’s party of Kirkkonummi Finnish League will be held at Maxine Saturday 27th of July. Contact Helsinki Cyclone players for details!!!

Player Profile: Aleksi Peltonen

Aleksi Peltonen
Aleksi Peltonen

Name: Aleksi Peltonen
Years played:first time play 1989
Years in Cyclone: I join cyclone family 2001
Former teams: SG Finland,Kojootit,Chimeras,Lapaset
Current Status: Old shool on/off active

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

My first goal was 1994 when i win my first finnish champion title with Kojootit. After that there is too many to list everything.. World cup 1999 3rd place 5man team Lapaset and 3rd place 10man team Damage international (Lapaset Finland and Damage Hawaii) is still in my memory. Of course 2nd place overall millennium 2003 am A was great. And play CPL in millennium 2006.. Now i remember 2002 nations cup in Lisbon 2nd place team Finland.

Where do you see your self in next 5 years in paintball?

still playing off course more or less

Who has tought you the most in paintball?

Hard to tell any person but we looked team Tour de Force games in Gävle Sweden back in 1993.. There was Dave Youngblood, Marty Bush, Oh Pawlak and other pro players who inspired us.

Mention top 3 things in paintball?

Good friends,traveling difrend places to play and adrenaline when you are in the game.

Tell about your best moment in paintball, on or off the field?

I think best moment was Finkampen tournament 2002 (Finland vs Sweden) end of the final game. The tournament was in indoor in our home ground and when we play and win final game the spectators keep so loud noise you cant here anything in the field. The support of the fans was so amazing it was sensitive moment.

Name 1 player you would love to play 1 on 1 against if you were last 2 guys on the field?

Difficult question.. i have played against many top teams and players in past but 1 on 1 i say Mike Paxon

You have been part of Finnish paintball since axe and stone.Is there some thing you would definetly bring back from the past if it was up to you?
10-man games back because its so big field you cant shoot one end to another. And its so fun because there is lots of people in the field same time..
Hey is the infamous White Suit still alive?
Its in the closet ready for use.. if i still fit in it 🙂

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Interview with Mikko Huttunen – DYE Snow and LA Ironmen

Over the winter we have been reading various rumors and bits of gossip about DYE branching into snow sports, but there hasn’t been too much concrete information. With the PSP season opener in Galveston, Texas showing Mikko Huttunen amiss from the Ironmen back line, we figured that something is really bubbling under. We contacted Mikko and discussed a lot of recent topics.

Mikko Huttunen at Cyclone DYE Pro Day 2010

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Crash at the Coast Miami 2011 Video – Nice!

HK Army released the video of their 5 day clinic/party held in Miami around new years. Seems like it’s been a huge blast, reminds me of all the good times we’ve had on the trips, gotta go again soon! This is definitely one of the most fun clips I’ve seen in a million years, and a proper load of effort put in in post production! Check it out 🙂

Amtrak Classifies Paintball Markers as Firearms in U.S

As of tomorrow the 15th December U.S Railroad operator Amtrak allows unloaded firearms  to be transported on train if pre checked and given at least 24h notice to Amtrak before departure. Requiring firearms to be transported in locked hard-boxes and pre checked sounds reasonable but now both paintball markers and airsoft markers get the same treatment and classification. Sure Amtrak doesn’t have luggage checks when you board so you can carry your gear if you want but what happens if an official decides to check your bag and follow the issue to the letter?

Once again we see how paintball equipment gets thrown in the same bunch as firearms. Even if Amtrak won’t pursue its customers with paintball markers its something that can easily carry ow-er to other similar circumstances and regulations.

You can find full Amtrak press release here or keep reading below.
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Major rumor regarding Oliver Lang!

SocialPaintball posted a huge, but unverified and sourceless rumor regarding Oliver Lang. According to the quick post, Oliver has signed a contract with Planet Eclipse, and thus would be leaving both the Ironmen and his position at DYE. Now THAT’s what I call a big move, almost as big as the original (rumoured to be 10-year) contract with DYE back in 2006. If it turns out to be true, that is – no mention of such a thing on PE official sources.

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