A Brief Update

Hello friends!
And at first, let me apologize the fact that we haven’t been writing to our website for such a long time. All kinds of excuses could be told but to be honest, we’ve been quite busy because all the team stuff that we have to manage to get our number one thing going – playing paintball under the name of Helsinki Cyclone. Like you may have noticed, most of our internet activity has lately been in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HelsinkiCyclone), Twitter (https://twitter.com/helsinkicyclone) and in the latest addition, Instagram (https://instagram.com/helsinki_cyclone/ ).

So here is a little update what we have been up to lately:
During the spring time we started our practice at new domestic sponsor’ s field at Progames (www.progames.fi) at the time when snow was still present. Later on we played CPS Rome placing 3rd in PRO Challengers division. Later on we visited Uppsala, Sweden and had a awesome two day practice with Stockholm Ignition just a week before CPS Arnhem. In Arnhem we dropped the ball a bit and were left on 4th place in Challengers.

SPBL 1/4 podium
In the domestic scene we started the season in Kirkkonummi and what a start it was! Dropping the ball only once in prelims against Dream Team and giving it all back in the final by beating Dream Team 5-1. The second event of SPBL was played in Vierumäki Sports Center and we had a small surprise to all the other teams: We brought in our new player Mishka Kniazew. I guess some of you might have heard from that guy before? Anyway, in that tournament we didn’t drop the ball at all and we won all of our games and the entire event. So two event wins for us and we’re leading the series so far… Mishka Knyazev #77
Two weeks after SPBL we flew to Paris for CPS. This time it was something else since we were forced to participate PRO Champions division games because the lack of participants in Challengers. Actually we were quite happy because of that since we wanted to know how does it feel like to play in the PRO. And I guess we had a huge surpise to all the people playing and watching the event: in the prelims we lost only to Paris Camp Carnage 5-2 and won ML Kings 5-3, Dice Sound 5-4(ot) and PPArena 5-0! So after the prelims we placed 2nd in the score board.
CPS Pro podium
In the semifinal we faced ML Kings again in a pouring rain. This time The Kings managed to take the game 4-2 when the time ran out. Sad for us since we really felt like that game should have been ours. We only wish that we had 10 seconds more playing time, since the field was empty of ML Kings players and we had 4 guys alive when the buzzer went off.
Well okay, losing the semifinal wasn’t that bad since we had proven a point and made it 3rd in our first PRO-event after such a long time and none of us can’t say that it really felt good!
So at this time of the season we’re really excited and just waiting for the next SPBL league which is played in Piikkiö next weekend! See you all there!

Chasing the dream

I was supposed to write something about the Winter Series we played a few weeks ago but then I noticed a thing I had to bring up. And the thing is: Chase your paintball dream, be the one who works for it and be the one who believes it and one day it just might come true!

Why in the god’s name I’m writing things like these? To be honest I’m writing this because of our dear friend Jani “Grande” Andersson and his latest accomplishment. You all know Grande if you have been into finnish paintball scene for a little while during the last 20 years or so. The man has really lived our scene here; he has played tournament paintball in every level and in every format, he has played woodsball, scenarios, collected paintball guns, worked for a major pb supplier, been involved in forming Helsinki Cyclone, been involved of forming numerous other teams, organised events and so on and on… and because of a sports injury he picked up the camera and BOOOOM, suddenly you see cool pics taken by the man and BOOM BOOOM, suddenly you see the man in the cover of socialpaintball.com and working with legendary Gary Baum.

So things happened and Grande is now in Latvia. Soon he will be flying to Galveston Island and St. Tropez for starters. In my opinnion Grande got a hold of the dream and I think he thinks the same too. Yes it would be great to fly all over the world and do paintball related things but you must remember that the grand don’t come for free: It takes countless hours of work, devotion and passion and after that you still just might not make it. Well Grande did make it and he surely deserves it because of the pure love the man feels for the sport and everything in it. I think I’m not the only one to wish him all the best and hoping to see him make a long career in photography, right? 🙂

Another dream chaser in finnish paintball scene is Mikko Huttunen. Mikko has fullfilled his dream years ago and is now having a little break from paintball. The man is now taking care of  big things at Dye and developing their new product line in snow sports and doing all other exciting stuff which he was led into by paintball. Like you know Mikko is from small town called Siilinjärvi and the town itself is not very cosmopolite and it had absolutely nothing to do with professional paintball before Mikko. Mikko has now won almost everything there is to win, including two World Cups and tons of other major tournaments. Well who worked and pushed Mikko into this international scene and the land of dreams? Yes, you know this one also. It was Mikko himself who had the passion and cojones to take risks and by that he made it and conquered the dream.

Ok, Grande and Mikko are just a few examples from Finland. I could have written about Ollie Lang, J-Rab, Konstantin Fedorov, Max Ljundqvist and tens of other players. I could have written about Cassidy Sanders, Mark Kressin, Dave Youngblood, the Gardner brothers, Matty Marshall or anyone who makes a living out of paintball by manufacturing the gear or photographing, writing or making movies about the sport. Still I chosed to write a few kind words about Grande and Mikko because they are from Finland, they both are nice and humble guys and they both have special meaning to our team. They both are now people to look up for and people we know have archieved something big in the sport that they so much love.

So what was the point of my words? I guess you figured it out already but lets say it aloud now: You have to be patient, passioned and you have to believe if you want to get a hold of your dream. You are the one that makes things happen for you, you are the one to sweat for your goals and dreams. You are THE one who knows your way to success so why the hell not try and chase it? If you never chased it you’re surely not going to get it.. and before you know, you just might be too old and used to your normal life and at that point you regret all the decisions you did not make. So believe in it and you just might be the next person we all are talking about!

Dream big and make it happen, now!

Endings and beginnings

Hello dear friends! Like you might have noticed, our site has been a bit quiet lately and most of our activity is nowadays located at facebook… Well, FB might be the thing today but don’t forget this site, we are going to update the site now and in future to come

But why so quiet? Well you can imagine how much we disappointed to ourselves when we couldn’t renew the championship. It was right in front of us and we could’ve secured the title in two different tournaments but things came up and better teams won. Congrats to Trivoga for the first title to their team ever and congrats for Dream Team for keeping their stuff together for years and years. Anyway, the season didn’t end that badly, 2nd place for our league team was nice and it’s a lot better to end up 2nd and not 3rd 😉 Our Div 1 team Cyclone VDO managed to do well also, they came 3rd. 3rd place is quite nice because the team is put up mostly for bringing up new players and bringing the experience to them.
Anyways, season 2011 struck hard and everyone knows what we are chasing in 2012, there is only one thing that we are after for and we’re gonna get it this time

And speaking of season 2012; league starts later in may but the indoor season has already begun. We’re going to have a secret practice session in a secret place and you will hear from that later. The next big thing will be the winter series 2012 and the first leg will be played here in Helsinki at 22nd of this month. We’re really looking forward to it because it’s going to be a riot: the action is brought to you by Copenhagen Ducks, STHLM Ignition, Instinct Gemoss, Fieldfighter, Urho, Takeover, GH-paintball Team and of course, us, Helsinki Cyclone!
See you all there!

The Perfect Team Dinner @ Farang

Every now and then we get together and organize a team dinner at someones house or in a restaurant. This time the event took place in one of the best asian restaurants in Finland called Farang. Farang is a modern asian gourmet restaurant which serves flavors from southeast asian kitchen. The restaurant is partially owned by Tomi Björck who is one of the finnish Master Chef judges and one of the “rockstars of finnish cookery”… and one of the chefs that ladies seem to like very much 😉

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Pro Clinic photo teaser

Yes, I know most of you are waiting for a wrapup of last fridays event, the Pro Clinic hosted by Helsinki Cyclone and starred by Mikko Huttunen (LA Ironmen),  Pete Utsching (Budapest Bullets) and Devon Stutz (London Nexus). And some of you might also be waiting for photos of the event…

…well, I can promise you that the story and the photos will be up shortly and here are a few teaser pics for you to enjoy right now 🙂

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WinterCup: Cyclone finishes 2nd in the series!

Last sunday was the time for the final leg of WinterCup 2010 at Splash Arena, Tuusula, Finland. Before the last leg we were leading the series with TriThe Trophyvoga, both tied with the same points and we were the only two teams to really compete for the title. Well, sunday wasn’t our day but we still managed to get in to the semifinals and faced Trivoga. So the semifinal game was all about winning the series and this time Trivoga was a bit better and won the game 2-3. Trivoga lost the final game against Urho Musta and we won PPW Mad in the bronze game. The third place was enough for us to take the second place in the series…

Anyway this was a good practice to us for the summer and I promise we will come back stronger!

Big ups for all our opponents, our supporters and the organizers of the Winter Cup 2010!

Now over 200 fans @ Facebook!

The number of our facebook fans has been growing and growing slowly and a few moments ago we broke the boundary of 200 fans! The current reading is 208 fans but I hope that the number keeps on growing. Anyway, thank you all for joining and for those who haven’t joined yet, we kindly welcome you to become our fan! Our facebook site can be found with Helsinki Cyclone in Facebook.

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Yes! DYE is back with brand new red-black-gray colored NT called “Scream”. After hearing about DYE signing with SD Aftermath I would say that the deal has something to do with colouring the newest NT. In previous years we’ve seen Aftermath in red and black outfits with a little bit of gray so this gun would suit the team more than nicely. Anyways, call me what ever you want but I like these NT colors way more than I like the newest colors of Egos for example (actually I don’t like those bright colors at all).

Now its tough choice between Scream, Zombie Nation and Red Wave 😉

Dye NT Scream

Photo by: Dye Precision www.dyepaintball.com