NXL 2018 Chartres Open


We arrived at France on Wednesday evening a bit late from our original time table since we had to change plane in Finland because the first plane had some technical issue and due to that we got on our way about one hour later than intended. After arriving to France, we headed straight to car rentals to get our car and started driving towards Chartres where we had rented a beautiful house about 20 minutes drives way from the NXL site. Luckily our friends were already there and they had been shopping some breakfast stuff since we arrived well after midnight to Chartres and to our accommodation.

Our NXL event started with a practice session with Fivestar Lleida, STK and Badboys Oss on Thursday afternoon. Thanks to all the teams for the great practice session. After the practice session our plan was to prepare dinner for the evening and at the same time for the rest of evenings since we were most likely to stay late at the site on game days so there wouldn’t be a lot of time to prepare anything to eat. We had planned to make macaroni casserole and a meat stew called “karjalanpaisti” so our friends Gui, Papa and Xalo get to taste some Finnish delicacies :).

Our first two games were on Friday against Droogs Frankfurt and Galapagos One41 Tortugas and lucky for us both games were well after 12AM so we got to sleep late and get a good rest after the travel day.

Game 1 – Droogs Frankfurt

The game was very tight and could have gone either way but this time the result was a 3-3 tie game after time ran out of the game clock. Thanks to Droogs for the game.

Game 2 – Galapagos One41 Tortugas

Our second game on Friday was against Tortugas and this time they proved to be better than us by beating us 4-2. Thanks to Tortugas for a great game.

So we ended our Friday with a tie and a loss, which of course wasn’t something we were hoping for. After the games were done we headed back to house to discuss about the games and our plans and how we can improve our game in the Saturdays games. We knew that to get to Sunday we pretty much needed 2 wins. So, after some brain storming we concluded that our plans work but we as players didn’t execute them well enough and we made stupid mistakes of which we got punished.


Our Saturdays games were against VanGogh and Bad Boys Oss:

Game 3 – VanGogh

We started the game by winning 3 consecutive points and after that we probably did the mistake you should never do, get comfortable. VanGogh scored 2 points in a row but this time the clock was on our side and them game ended 3-2 in our favor after game time ran out. Thanks to VanGogh for a great game.

Game 4 – Bad Boys Oss

We knew Bad Boys very well, we already had practiced with them one week earlier in Arnhem and statistics of the practice was that we played 28 points against each other and both had won 14 points so the game could have gone either way. This time however the game ended 4-0 in our advantage. Maybe we were lucky or something else happened during the game but big thanks to paintball gods because we had now secured our spot in Sunday Club. Thanks to Bad Boys Oss for the game.

After the preliminary games ended we were all smiles because of course we got to play Sunday paintball. Soon after all the preliminary games were done we also knew that our Sundays first opponent would be PARIS CAMP CARNAGE 2 and that our game would begin 08:00 in the morning. We were playing for a spot in the ocho-finals. So, armed with that knowledge we headed back to our house and started to prepare ourselves for Sunday.



The game started a bit late after a technical timeout but we were ready and won the first point of the match. Next two points went to CARNAGE and they were in the lead after 3 points and the game clock showed that there is 2:30 left of the game. So, to continue the Sunday, we had to get a point and at least take the game to overtime. In the 4th point we got to witness some excellent paintball by Mr. Xalo who won a 1v3 situation and tied the game with about 20 seconds left in the clock. After we had played the leftover game time we moved on to play the overtime which ended in our favor after about 3 minutes, we had managed to shoot all the CARNAGE players out and still had 3 players alive so we were moving onwards to ocho-finals.

Our ocho-final opponent was to be RMG Mercs.

Game 6 – RMG Mercs

Our sixth game was almost immediately after the CARNAGE game so we were pumped and hyped and really felt that this was our game and we started strong and secured a 2 – 1 lead in the game. Sadly, for us Mercs managed to tie the game but we didn’t let that affect us. In the fifth point we started strong by shooting 1 Merc off soon after break but then disaster struck and we got a penalty (minor) and it pretty much cleared our Dorito side which opened the game to Mercs and they secured the fifth point and a 3 – 2 lead with 42 seconds left in the game. We tried to push for a tie and overtime but this time it didn’t go as planned and our tournament was over. Thanks to Mercs for a great game.

So, our tournament was over this time and our final ranking was something between 5 and 8. This was also the first NXL event in Europe and we thought that everything was organized well and things ran smoothly so big thanks to NXL for the event. And finally, big thanks to our sponsors Dye, Carbon, Pro Shar and Pro Games Paintball.

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