Finnish Championships 2014 1/4 Pori

The Finns have a saying about the Finnish summer: the Finnish summer is quite cold but not that snowy. This certainly wasn’t the case for the first tournament of the Finnish league. For this weekend the paintball gods had reserved temperatures up to 30C continuing on for the whole week before. The funny thing is that two days after the tournament the temperature was back to a more usual 10C.

We had the weekend all figured out. The league games would start at 9:00 AM and since this year after the Field Fighter decided not to participate there’s only 5 teams the games would be over in about 4 hours. That would mean that we’d be back at our Yyteri Beach cabins at about 2:00 PM. With this weather and one of the most beutifull beaches in Finland the day would be awesome. As you can propably quess things didn’t go quite as planned. The company that was responsible for the air had messed up big time. The compressors were broken and the banks weren’t filled so the games started almost 2 hours late and through out the day the fills were under 3000 psi. In the PSP with the same layout players were carrying a constant 12 pod per point so you can imagine how big this problem turned out to be. Luckily the problems were all fixed on sunday so our Division 1 team got to play with no problems at all

The League
The Finnish league is incredibly tight. On a good day any team can take the tournament and we had a bad start losing to Ässä Creditor 0-4. We picked our pace up for the next game but it still lacked the final punch. 2-2 against Trivoga, where Trivoga punched the last point on the board only seconds before the time ran out. A win against Urho and a loss to DT meant that we’d be fighting DT for the Bronze. DT had won the preliminary game but this time we didn’t give them any chance 4-1 and bronze was ours. Not what we aimed for but not a disaster either.


Division 1
The preliminaries were a Cyclone VDO show. We didn’t lose a single game and most were won 3-0. We were on our way to win big but then something happened. In the final we were suddenly getting penalties and making stupid mistakes which we hadn’t done in any of the earlier games. This lead to a nailbiter final where we were down 0-2, raised back in to the game by taking it to 2-2 and finally losing only 22 second before the time ran out. Yet again not what we aimed for but a good start for the season.

The teams: The League
Tomi Lindholm #17
Toni Sireni #03
Sami Turunen #5-0
Jani Kalasniemi #12
Miro Rainio #313
Pertti Berg #07

Division 1
Wilhe Knaapi #88
Olli Kemppi #37
Aleksi Peltonen #89
Markku Uotila #02
Mikko Sipiläinen #13
Sergei … (Field Fighter)



The results: the League
4.Dream Team

Division 1
1.Trivoga Silver
2.Cyclone VDO

Gamevideos from Pori (courtesy of can be found:



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