The Finnish League 2/2013 – Helsinki

The second tournament of the Finnish League 2013 was held at ProGames ProPark in Kirkkonummi on the 27th to 28th of July 2013. Here’s a little report on what went down on those faithful days.

Finnish paintballers tend to say that it always rains in Turku… We’ve been saying this for ten years and it hasn’t failed yet. However, In my opinion a new saying should be introduced now for Kirkkonummi: It’s always blistering hot in Kirkkonummi. Yet again the tournament was played in the very best of beach weather the Finnish climate can produce; this of course being perfect for all the spectators but not so nice for the guys running around the field wearing neoprene pads and a plastic bucket on their heads. ProPark has also evolved a great deal since last year by getting a new turf on the field. The turf was actually installed only a month ago in cooperation with ProGames, Field Fighter Paintball Club and Helsinki Cyclone making it by far the best paintball park in Finland.

The Team

As always, Cyclone had two teams for the tournament, a league team and a 1.division team. The league team was a mix of old and new with Jani Kalasniemi #12 representing the newest additions, Wilhe Knaapi #88 and Tomi Lindholm #17 representing the present and Sami Turunen #5-0, Mikko Sipiläinen #13, Toni Sireni #03 and Raffe Berg #07 representing the old school Cyclone. The 1.Division team was an even bigger mix with our 14 year old junior Ilmari Häkkinen #41 representing the youngest and Aleksi Peltonen #89 representing the oldest crew. To put this in perspective think about the fact that Aleksi had won his first Finnish League Championship title before Ilmari was even born! Accompanying these guys were Olli Kemppi #37, Pekka Roininen #21, Jarmo Nieminen #87, Markku Uotila #02 and Patrik Louko #01.On top of this bunch we had a special guest superstar from Dye, Hidde Feenstra (in the pics he’s playing with the number #33).

 The Team

The League

Like the first tournament, Saturday was a really difficult day for us. We didn’t seem to get our engines going at any part. There were good points here and there but in between we tended to really screw up. This proves yet again the fact that a huge part of paintball happens between the ears and no matter how good the practice is going it might not show in anyway during the tournament. The first game was against Turku Dream Team and we messed it up royally: DT kept shooting the same guy out from the break and we just couldn’t stop them. On top of that DT:s front guys ran through our lines on the dorito side and destroyed our back line. 1-4 for DT. In the Second game we took URHO for a ride. We still didn’t play well but were better then URHO in every way possible. 4-0 for us. Next it was Trivoga’s turn. This was a really tight game in which we finally found some game face and things were looking a bit better. 3-4 for us. The FF game took us back to the drawing board: yet again, we needed three points to get started and when we did it was way too late. 1-4 for FF. The last preliminary game was against Ässä and it was meaningless for us. We had lost the fight for the final but secured the bronze game. Almost the same story as with FF. Starting your engines after three lost points is too late. 1-4 for the guys from Pori. The bronze game was a battle against URHO. We had beaten them in the prelims 4-0 and knew exactly what their weak points were. The game was even stronger from us then the first one even though URHO managed to get a point on the board. 4-1 for us and a trophy to take home.

Although Cyclone always plays for the highest podium finish only, this time the bronze was a victory for us. The season start was so difficult that we really needed some light at the end of the tunnel. At this moment we are doing a lot of work to get our heads together and I’m sure you’ll be seeing a quite different kind of league team at Äänekoski.


Sunday was super fun. Our 1.division team was in great shape and everyone was out for blood. We had five games throughout the day: we beat Feenix, Räyhä and Takeover with impressing numbers, lost tightly to Trivoga Silver and with clearer numbers to PPW. This paved the way to the final match where we would play Trivoga Silver. Usually finals are fun to watch but this time we were unlucky in a biblical scale. We managed to get just the right amount of penalties for every point so Trivoga had an easy time ramming us to the ground. Yet another trophy for us, Silver this time, and a big smile.

Cyclone 1div

Greetings and thanks

Yet again Cyclone had mustered up music for everyone: thanks to Sam Stark and Wilhe Knaapi for this. A big thanks to the guys on the field with the cameras: Jani Andersson, Antti Syvänne, Sam Stark and Perttu Alitalo. Thanks to the marshalls and ProGames for making a great tournament, and last but not least a huge thank you to our main sponsors Dye and Sissos.

Div1 podiumLeague podium

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