Millennium 2012 Paris World Cup – part 1

Firstly a small apology to all our readers. It seems i had developed some sort of writer’s block during the long season and simply could not get this report out of me. Maybe the long season strained me even more I thought… Whatever the reason sorry for the delay and here it comes. Enjoy.

The Millennium. I’ve often wondered what is it that draws me here. I mean it’s silly to fly all the way from Finland to play a tournament in some European city and pay yourself sick doing it. Or is it? I’ve played tournaments all around Finland and abroad just always come to the conclusion that the Millennium is THE tournament to play in Europe and there is none quite like it. This time it was the turn of the Paris World Cup.

The Team

We were supposed to play this tournament with just Helsinki Cyclone guys but since the accident of our own mr. Frontside and the joyful but badly timed promotion of Toni Sireni we ended up with a team different than usual. Helsinki Cyclone was represented by this years undeniable new Cyclone talents Tomi Lindholm and Wilhe Knaapi and the older section consisting of Olli Kemppi and yours truly… me Pertti Berg. Our team was also strengthened by former Cyclone and now Trivoga player Jesse Johansson and the recent Finnish League Champion from Field Fighter Tolik Zubarev

Day 1

Although some of our guys arrived early on Thursday, I’m going to start our report from Friday… For those who still want to know what happened Thursday I’ll just sum it up real quickly: Helsinki Vantaa Airport,  beer, airplane, beer, taxi, site, beer, watch games, beer, hotel, beer, sleep.

Our first two games were scheduled for Friday. They were the first and the third game on the division 2 field which meant a agonizingly early wake up but the whole day to enjoy the venue and buy some paintball happiness.

Game 1: Helsinki Cyclone – HBT Veckring  France 4-1

We gave our div 1 one team a hard time for messing up their start at Äänekoski, and now did the same thing our selves… In the Millennium the games are now played the same way as in Finland, in pairs.  While the other two teams are in the pits after their point the other teams play theirs. We kind of missed this and although we were kind of ready we noticed that our game was starting when the marshals yelled 30 seconds… After some shouting, running and all around confusion we managed to get a team on the field just as the point started. It almost went well except for me running to the wrong side of the field. I myself noticed this when I got to the bunker and peeked out just find out that I’m on the dorito side… Oh well, no harm done. Just have to play this side for a change. We actually won the point.

The HBT guys gave a valiant fight but they couldn’t match our game. A nice game all and all and a nice victory to us.

Game 2: Helsinki Cyclone – Stockholm Ignition 4-2

The Finnish paintball history teaches us that if there is two Finnish teams in the Millennium at the same level, they will always play against each other. This time there was only one team but there was also another Cyclone team. The one that played with Cyclone shirts at Kirkkonummi… And as always we played against each other.

The game was a tight one, but Ignition kept rolling their guns to our snake side. The two points we lost were the points where Tolik and I were shot out from the snake side and the four points we won we managed to keep our markers pressed tightly against our chests, bury ourselves to our bunkers and just hold until Tomi and Wilhe cleared the dorito side. 4-2 for us.

It was now mid-day and our next game would be the next morning at the same time. The sun was shining from a clear sky as we watched the games. After two wins you tend to feel pretty awesome and we really did. I started this post wondering what was the point of the Millennium… yeah, this was the point.

The epilogue

Since we had time  after the games, we wandered to center of Paris to get some grub. We also wanted to see some sights so we set the basilica of the sacred heart, aka Sacré Coeur, as our destination. As a strike of blind luck there was a food market on the basilica grounds at that exact time.  Numerous paths created by side by side small stalls selling local wines, beers and foods. So there we were eating the best delicacies money can buy, tasting some Champagne and just hanging out… Yeah you’re right.It was kind of fun.

To be continued…

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