Finnish league’s second leg: Kirkkonummi

A week has now passed from the Kirkkonummi experience and it’s time to report what really happened. In the Piikkiö report I wrote that the weekend was packed with surprises and it was, but this time we blew the register with a gigantic one, the Helsinki Cyclone-Stockholm Ignition Connection.

At the end of April, the Finnish League announced that the schedule for the league tournaments had to be changed. A suitable venue for the first event could not be found and there were two choices: play indoors at the Sissos bunker or reschedule the tournament series to start later. There was a vote in the League government and a rescheduling was decided… For us this was devastating. We knew that most of our team had been invited to the wedding of a team member and we simply did not have enough players for the second tournament. In our opinion there is no question on which to attend. Tournaments come and go, but a wedding of one of the Cyclone family is a once in a lifetime event. Now, some of you might argue that if we’d called all the members of Cyclone, even the retired ones, we would’ve pulled a team together. This might be true, but it most probably would have destroyed are hopes for the championship. The Finnish League might not be as tough as the CPL but it’s no walk in the park either. You simply will not win without a team that has trained and played together. We needed a team with a real chance of taking the tournament. So we called upon some friends abroad the Stockholm Ignition… Make no mistake it was not Ignition who played the tournament, it was Helsinki Cyclone. They have licenses from the league and a paid Cyclone team fee, they are now honorary members of Helsinki Cyclone and you might be seeing them again wearing the black and the blue.

This was also the reason why you didn’t see the Cyclone LiveEvents or the Alex’s bar at the site on Saturday. We tested the LiveFeed on Sunday with two cameras along the LiveBlog with yet again great success.

The Venue and the weather

The Progames site is in Veikkola to be precise which is a part of Kirkkonummi. The games are played on a grass field which was used for farming before. The Progames guys have made a good job of leveling the field out but the ground is still very hard and basically unslideable, unless it rains… which it didn’t… we were not in Turku. On the plus side the venue has a lot of space for the teams and vendors and a big parking lot. As a pièce de résistance there is a set of outdoor showers with warm water. Which means that you can cool down if it’s hot and warm up if it’s not. This year the guys had put an extra effort on the food and instead of the basic sausages you could have for example nachos and salsa which, I’ve been told, was very good… The weather was very nice indeed  for the whole weekend, not too much sunshine, not too hot either.


As before I’m going start with the 1.division games that were played on Sunday, just to save the best for the last

Team Cyclone VDO

As could be expected the wedding guest were not in any shape to play paintball on Sunday either (too much fun and games in Hamina…), so the VDO team was a mix-up of Cyclone players. Olli Kemppi  and Wilhe Knaapi played the first tournament on the league team and now they had on their side Pekka Roininen, Niko Rautio, Kim Vainionpää and Jani Kalasniemi. Toni Sireni was coaching from the start of the day and Sam Stark arrived later to back him up. So the team for the first division was tough indeed.

The Games

In Piikkiö the timetable for the day failed miserably and the semifinals and finals for the 2.division were not played. So, for this Sunday we had the 1.division games, 2.division games plus the unplayed games from Piikkiö. To cope with this the games were played paired up so that when the other pair is on their 2 minute pit break the other pair plays. It’s a bit harder to follow but at least the games get played.

Game 1: Cyclone VDO  vs. RumaQ 3-1
The first game of the day was against RumaQ from Oulu and for the first time in a long while our guys didn’t have any trouble starting their engines. A convincing 3-1 victory for Cyclone

Game 2: Cyclone VDO  vs. Räyhä 2-2
Next up was Räyhä from Turku and they put up a good fight. They were leading 1-2 when only 1:29 was on the clock, but once again good coaching from Toni tied the score in under a minute. It was 2-2 and 37 seconds on the clock and Tomi decided to do run through point. This plan was good but not good enough this time and Kim was left only meters away from the buzzer. There is now overtime in the 1.div so these point were divided 2-2

Game 3: Cyclone VDO vs. PPW Croc 3-1
The PPW guys are good friends of ours. The games between us are always tight but with some highfiveing afterwards. This time though it was payback from Piikkiö. PPW just couldn’t match the speed our guys were moving and we got to all the key bunkers first. 3-1 Go Cyclone!!!

Game 4: Cyclone VDO vs. RumaQ 3-1
As in Piikkiö the last game is a rematch against a team from our preliminary group. This time it was RumaQ again and as before they couldn’t stop us. 3-1 again

The semi final: Cyclone VDO vs. Trivoga Silver 3-1
The Trivoga team is also a mix-up of the old and the new. Many guys that used to play in PPW are now a part of the Trivoga organization. They played a good game but this time it wasn’t enough. Cyclone ruled the field and the one point they lost was mostly because of penalties. The way to the Final was open.

The final: Cyclone VDO vs. Adrenaliin 0-3
The Estonians have been here for a couple of years now. They’ve won their way through all the divisions and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the League next year. They play really well and we could feel their hunger for the title. The points were tight but Adrenaliin took all three convincingly. Yes we had some marker problems etc. but still if you read the scoreboard, there’s no explanations. Congratulations Adrenaliin, we’ll get you next time.

A small interview after the games. Here’s Pekka Roininen

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The League and Team Helsinki Cyclone

As I already explained this time Helsinki Cyclone mostly spoke with a bit of a different accent then earlier…  The Team comprised of Fabian Jonsson, Jacop Tiilikainen, Erik Söderberg, Jonas Malmström, Henrik Appelgren and Henri Mellin. There was also Olli Kemppi, Wilhe Knaapi, Pekka Roininen and Aleksi Peltonen to help with the coaching, podding etc…

The other Cyclone team was standing at a church in Hamina all holding their cellphones in their hands checking the messages every two seconds to see if there’s new info on how the games are going. We almost had a nervous breakdown while waiting for the results of our last game of the preliminaries. There was a lunch break in between which we didn’t know of… I have to say: the longest 45minutes of my life.

A pic from the field:

… and from the wedding:

The Games

As the Swedes themselves admitted the skill-level of the games came as bit of a surprise. The first game went by as the guys were adjusting to the type of play the Finns play. 1-4 loss to Urho. The second game went adjusting to our Euroreffs and their tight reffing. We got so many penalties that we lost count somewhere around a hundred. 0-4 loss to Trivoga and a big lesson learnt. It was time to take things seriously and start playing real paintball. In the next game our guys checked every bounce and every close call to make sure they didn’t play with a hit on. It worked and the Finnish teams started to crumble. DT fell 4-0 and Takeover 4-1… There was only the last game to play and it was as guessed by all Field Fighter. The game started with the tightest paintball you can imagine. Both teams lost players and after three minutes it was a 1 vs.1.  The 1 vs. 1 lasted for 7 minutes until the time ran out with a no point. It was off to over time again, but this time FF got the better start. They took the point and went again to the finals dropping us to fight for the bronze. Many have speculated the end result could have been different if the 1 vs.1 had been stopped by throwing in the towel. We needed to win the game 4-1 or it didn’t matter. Unfortunately the players didn’t know this back then… The bronze match was against Urho who had beaten us in the first game. Our guys knew that the trick was to kill the speed of a certain Jesper Toivola on the dorido side with a wall of paint. It worked and Urho couldn’t recover from that. 4-1 victory and well deserved bronze for Cyclone.

And off course a small interview from the Swedes too. Here’s Jonas Malmström

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Greetings and salutations

This time Cyclone would like to thank all of our own guys on the field side in Kirkkonummi, those who speak Swedish as well as those who speak Finnish. Thanks to you guys what could have been a disaster for this season was now a victory and we’re still in the battle for the biggest prize. Also, a big thanks to our own Sam Stark for taking some cool pictures again and also to Buster Isaksson for letting me use a couple of his masterpieces.

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  1. Thaks for thight final in 1. div! You kept us on our toes even with markers not working.

    P.S. the final score was 0-2 as we let the time run out 😉

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