Alex’s bar: Greetings from SPBL 2012 teams – episode I

Finally, Alex’s bar is here.

Alex’s bar is an idea that has been brewing in our brains for years now. Every summer we’ve said to our selves that this summer we’ll start… but every fall we’d find out we just didn’t have the time. Now, finally this summer is THE summer.

We’ve been filming vids from tournaments for years now but we never actually had a purpose for that. Now we do. The idea is simple. Alex’s bar is a place where all interesting talking happens. We might have the youngest most unknown player in the Finnish scene or we might have the biggest name in the business talking with us, the point is that everything that is even remotely interesting can be seen from the Cyclone site. I welcome you all to visit Alex’s bar… stay tuned, I guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay.

Oh… almost forgot. Who is bartender Alex? Alex is of course our own Aleksi Peltonen, the 10 time Finnish League winner and a paintballer who’s literally played everywhere and with everyone. From Alex you can always get a tasty beverage and a piece of age old Paintball wisdom.

Greetings from SPBL 2012 teams

We’ll start of with a couple of vids from the Finnish League Piikkiö round. In the pouring rain we talked to some of the biggest names in Finnish paintball to find out what’s going on.

Heres Kai Siltala the owner of Turku Dream Team


And heres Jarkko Tervonen from RumaQ




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