Yes, you are seeing correctly

If you’re now standing beside the field at the Kirkkonummi league and wondering “what the fuuuh…?”. Yes, you are seeing correctly, you’re seeing the newest Cyclone collaboration members and the Helsinki Cyclone team for the second leg of the Finnish Championship League… You might also know these guys already as team Stockholm Ignition from Sweden.

Here’s the deal. This year the Finnish league had problems with the venues for the season. They had already announced the dates but they couldn’t find a venue for the first tournament. The solution was to move the season forward and invent an extra tournament date for the last weekend of June… The same weekend of the wedding of our own Mikko Sipiläinen.

Mikko has been playing with us for quite a while now. He was also a part of the late Scion Project and won the 2010 League title with us. To be quite clear, he bleeds black and blue as much as the rest of us. When he and Inna, his lovely bride to be, were deciding the date for their wedding they made damn sure that it didn’t cross over any of the decided tournament dates of Cyclone and all of his best friends could attend. Then this happened.

So, most of our league players would be attending the wedding and even with the newest recruits on the field we wouldn’t have enough for the two teams of the weekend. Quite a predicament I’d say… The solution: ask some friends to come and help. Helsinki Cyclone has always been about the paintballing community around the world and we’ve always treasured our relations abroad. So for this we thought it was time for some Scandinavian co-operation and asked our friends, the Ignition guys, to support us with some quests. They said yes.

So believe your eyes and say hello to the honorary members of Helsinki Cyclone, the Stockholm Ignition.

And there you have it. I myself will be attending the ceremonies, waiting impatiently for the results of our games. I want to apologize in advance for any cheering happening at the church after a text message. We wish the speed of lightning to our Ignition guests and the Cyclone members present at Kirkkonummi and as we like to say the worldsmost biggestsmallest universaleuropean  hugesttinyest congratulations to Mikko and Inna on their very special day.

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