Player Profile: Aleksi Peltonen

Aleksi Peltonen

Aleksi Peltonen

Name: Aleksi Peltonen
Years played:first time play 1989
Years in Cyclone: I join cyclone family 2001
Former teams: SG Finland,Kojootit,Chimeras,Lapaset
Current Status: Old shool on/off active

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

My first goal was 1994 when i win my first finnish champion title with Kojootit. After that there is too many to list everything.. World cup 1999 3rd place 5man team Lapaset and 3rd place 10man team Damage international (Lapaset Finland and Damage Hawaii) is still in my memory. Of course 2nd place overall millennium 2003 am A was great. And play CPL in millennium 2006.. Now i remember 2002 nations cup in Lisbon 2nd place team Finland.

Where do you see your self in next 5 years in paintball?

still playing off course more or less

Who has tought you the most in paintball?

Hard to tell any person but we looked team Tour de Force games in Gävle Sweden back in 1993.. There was Dave Youngblood, Marty Bush, Oh Pawlak and other pro players who inspired us.

Mention top 3 things in paintball?

Good friends,traveling difrend places to play and adrenaline when you are in the game.

Tell about your best moment in paintball, on or off the field?

I think best moment was Finkampen tournament 2002 (Finland vs Sweden) end of the final game. The tournament was in indoor in our home ground and when we play and win final game the spectators keep so loud noise you cant here anything in the field. The support of the fans was so amazing it was sensitive moment.

Name 1 player you would love to play 1 on 1 against if you were last 2 guys on the field?

Difficult question.. i have played against many top teams and players in past but 1 on 1 i say Mike Paxon

You have been part of Finnish paintball since axe and stone.Is there some thing you would definetly bring back from the past if it was up to you?
10-man games back because its so big field you cant shoot one end to another. And its so fun because there is lots of people in the field same time..
Hey is the infamous White Suit still alive?
Its in the closet ready for use.. if i still fit in it 🙂

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