It’s league time!!!

The Delayed Finnish league is finally here almosta a month late. The First leg will be Turku… or Piikkiö to be precise a small town 30km from Turku. As can be expected Helsinki Cyclone is out in force to give some serious beans to our opponents. The main league fleet will be arriving to hotel kivitasku on Friday to chill out and get a good night sleep. The rest of the team will arrive on Saturday morning to help with coaching and pitting as is the Cyclone way. When the team wins the whole team wins, it’s never just about the boys on the field.

This year as before we’ll be serving our fans Cyclone LiveScores, Liveblogging and some new cool stuff to feel the same vibe at home as on the site. Also Alex’s bar will be making a come back to the site, serving paintballers and fans with nice beverages and lifetime paintballwisdom of one of the finnish greats bartender Alex.


Time to meet the sponsors

As before Helsinki Cyclone is sponsored by many different parties here in Finland and abroad.

 Dye Precision

It’s the DM12, the Rotor , the gear… it’s the everything, you just can’t beat Dye in their game. We used this gear since the first DM and it’s always been brilliant. Live the Life as they say


Enhance your marker and your Rotor with some kick ass Chips. You won’t regret it, it’s like Viagra for the gear

Max’s and Action Games

We’ve used all the different paint that money can buy and we’ve always used the one that works best. We need the best paint from all the different brands and we need the best distributor to get it for us. We use Max’s and Action Games you should too.


Our home Tuusula Grind has had a turf for two seasons now and we’ve tested every shue there is. Trust me when I say this is the one you want


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  1. Miksi Raffe ei ole liigarosterissa, se on kuitenkin teh most photogenic teidän laumasta 😉 Campo tietää “Pelaa kuumasti, sua kuvataan!”

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