Finnish Leagues first leg: Piikkiö

So there it is. The first leg of the Finnish league has now been played and as expected it was full of surprises and awesome games played by the best teams.

For Cyclone the weekend was packed with a lots of expectations. Off the field we made Finnish paintball history by releasing the first Live Stream on our site. It was only one camera and didn’t cover the whole field but it still blew our prejudices sky high by working way better than expected. The biggest thanks from this goes to Antti Syvänne who is the proud father of all the Cyclone Live services. On the Piikkiö site we saw the comeback of Alex’s bar with no other than bartender Alex serving good vibes to all player and fans . We made a lot of cool interviews from our guests from there, so stay tuned for those in the near future.

The site and the weather in Turku

Finnish paintballer tend to say that it always rains in Turku… and surely they are right. Driving from Helsinki to Piikkiö we saw the weather change from sunny and clear to rainy and dark as was expected. On the site pop-up tents filled the grass field beside the field and  just behind them Alex had set up his bar. The music started playing long before the games begun . It kept on raining throughout the day with only minor pauses which put a lot off pressure to the players to keep warm.


Although the first division games were played on Sunday and the league on Saturday, I’m going to start with the 1.div. On Sunday the weather cleared and the games were played in beautiful sunshine.

Team Cyclone VDO

Cyclone VDO is always a collection on new talent and old school. Jani Kalasniemi and Niko Rautio both joined last winter. Niko played earlier in Take Over and Jani played in the lower divisions. We also saw the comeback of Harri Kortesalo who played in the original Voodoo Legacy. These guys were paired with Cyclone juggernauts Janne Vartiainen, Pekka Roininen and Pertti Berg.

The Games

Our opponents were PPW, Trivoga GO and Adrenalin. The games were played as a round robin plus an extra game against one the same teams, which this time was PPW. Our games didn’t go quite to plan with one victory, one loss and two ties. Throughout the whole day we had lots of difficulties closing points which led to the result of dropping out of the semifinals. We would have had to win only one of the tied games to get us through… So Cyclone VDO’s score for the first 1.division was a bit disappointing 6th.

The League:

Team Helsinki Cyclone

Our team for this tournament was a mix of new talent and old skill. From last years team we got old school superstars Domi Sireni, Sami Turunen and Campo Kokkonen who all have a Finnish Championship medal from 2010. Olli Kemppi played in our last season silver medal team and he was joined by Tomi Lindholm who has played his way through every division in Finnish paintball and won them all. Now he’s after the grand prize. Last but not least we have our new kid Wilhe Knaapi who joined Cyclone  from the ranks of Urho after the last season. We’d seen all of these guys shine through the spring in many different tournaments that Cyclone played, so we were expecting a lot.

Game 1: Cyclone vs. Trivoga

Our first game was against Trivoga, last years Champions. We train a lot with Trivoga and know that when they get their steamtrainlike momentum rolling they literally run through the opponent. The game was  a typical first game of the day with both teams winning points in turns. Finally after a tight last point Trivoga took the game by 3-4. Watching from the sidelines our guys seemed to be just a bit too wound up to win it.

Game 2: Cyclone vs. Dream Team

This game was a landslide. DT just couldn’t match Cyclones pressure on the field. They kept loosing players from the break and our guys capitalized every opportunity. 4-0

Game 3: Cyclone vs. Takeover

TO has a young team and it shows. They play some points very well in deed but they have a lot of problems being consistent. Cyclone on the other hand had a really lousy start for this game. Nothing seemed to work and we kept on taking penalties on top of that. At this point it’s the coaches who can turn the game around. It’s usually just a small change of positioning or game plan that makes all the difference. Sam Stark made a couple of good variations and suddenly Sami didn’t get shot off the field from the break and the that was it. A tight 4-3 win.

Game 5: Cyclone vs. Urho

When this game started the Cyclone train was already moving at full speed and Urho didn’t stand a chance. They were beaten on every aspect of the game. 4-1 and no negotiation

Game 6: Cyclone vs. Field Fighter

We had been watching FF game closely the whole day. They had beaten every opponent with big numbers and were very confident. We also knew that this game was indifferent and we would be meeting FF again in the final. The game started as a carnage for us and FF seemed to do everything better. The gamble to play a counter game against these guys didn’t work and we took a nasty 1-4 defeat.

The Final: Cyclone vs. Field Fighter

At this point it was quite obvious what had to be done. We needed to block FF:s brilliant movement on the field and make them play our game instead of us playing  theirs. The first point went to FF but it the game was tied on the next point, 1-1. The plan seemed to be working and the right guys seemed to be walking off with a hit. The next point was unbelievably tight and ended in a 1 vs.1, which Campo took home. The fourth point was still tight but went to FF. Under a minute in the clock and 2-2 on the board. In the fifth point FF got a better start and the it was 4 vs.2 for a while, but Campo and Domi held it together and played the game to over time.

Over time started right were the game had ended, unbelievably tight playing on both teams. Cyclone seemed to have just a little bit more force on the backs and they managed to take the point to 4 vs.2 but this time it was FF turn to play tight. We ended up to a 1 vs.1 but this time it would it’s sudden death so who ever wins it… Both out… No point.  On the second overtime point it was FF who had the slightly better edge and they managed take the point with their last player… But still no, the FF player was dirty hanging the flag. It would have been a reverse point but the refs had to have discussion. It seems that the last player of Cyclone had been given a 1-4-1 when he was shot out.  So the situation was that the last FF player was dirty and the last Cyclone player got a 1-4-1… The decision: no point. The third overtime point was tight as well but FF managed to take it when Cyclone got a 1-4-1 from the snake side.

So after a heartstoppingly tight final FF took the tournament and Cyclone was second.

Greeting and salutations

Cyclone would like to thank the refs for a good job on rough day. Greeting go out to all paintballers world wide and special thank you to Jani Andersson for these amazing pictures. It’s midsummer in Finland and it’s time to party so to Finns: have a great midsummers eve.

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