Welcome to Helsinki Cyclone season 2012

… Yes yes I know the season started over a month ago in St. Tropez. The thing is that I was in Asia and Jii, who usually writes a lot here, is writing his Masters thesis right know. And besides the Finnish season starts later then usual this year.

Anyways. The point here is that we’ve noticed the Cyclone site winding down on posts last year and have decided to do something about it. This season were going to activate the site to a new level with a couple of new projects as well as continuing with the old ones. Besides playing paintball we all have real jobs as well so I’m hoping that all of these plans are realized. We’ll certainly give it our best shot, that we can promise. Here’s a small run down on what to be expected, enjoy:

Helsinki Cyclone player profiles

This actually started already with the first profile coming out a week ago. During the season we’re going to present the profiles of the active and the inactive (if we can find them) players of the team. With this we’ll try to serve our fans by giving a face to the players seen on the site and on Facebook.

Cyclone’s Helsinki

The idea for this came this spring when the Copenhagen Ducks were coming to play in the Winter Cup. The guys emailed us and asked what to do and where to go in Helsinki. As can be guessed we had no answers at first. It’s much harder to name cool places in your home town then to find them when your visiting another.

This season we’re releasing a series of blogs on places to visit when in Helsinki. The places will not be the same as in Lonely planet, not even close, they will be the places we like go and were we like to hang out. Lonely Planet is written for all visitor to Helsinki, but Cyclone’s Helsinki is written for paintballers. Now you can decide which group you belong to.

Alex’s bar

This is actually an old idea, which we were supposed to do a long time ago. It’s a video blog of interviews happening in “Alex’s bar”. This year we’re interviewing the Finnish paintball somebodies, trying to squeeze out anything that might be interesting for our readers.

Online reporting from tournaments

The Cyclone LiveScores will continue for sure as well as the LiveBlog (if the technology can be mustered up) for at least the first day of the tournaments. We’ll also try to surprise you guys with something new if we can, but no promises yet

Don’t forget, you can also find us from Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HelsinkiCyclone

Big greets to all brothers in paint we hope you’ll enjoy the ride

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