Visiting the Swedes

After a quiet season of 2011 Cyclone is back in business visiting our neighbouring Paintballers and I have to say it’s about frigging time. We started the tour visiting Riga for the second leg of the Winter Cup in March, followed by a Photography trip to the Millenium Series season opener in Saint-Tropez, and now just before the Finnish summer we were off to see the Swedes. This is our second trip to Uppsala to play the Open CPL. The first trip was in 2010 and we had a blast. No reason then to expect anything less.

This year’s posse comprised of the old school guys Aleksi and Markku , the youngins Wilhe, Olli  and the in betweener Janne. We also had Miro from PPW to strenghthen our ranks.

Everyone else but Janne and Miro left on Thursday straight from a Tuusula Grind practice session to the Stockholm ferry. Not because they actually had to be in Sweden on Friday but to fully enjoy the subtle attractions of the ferry… And as expected I’ve been informed that the trip details are not to be revealed on this site. But let’s just say that the guys enjoyed some wine, danced with some attractive ladies and went to bed early. And yes, the videotape from the trip has been buried on the backyard and will not be seen ever again.

Friday morning presented a small problem with a GPS navigator or the lack of it to be precise.  Of course there was a lot of supersleek touhcy-feely smartphones but none of them had the correct maps downloaded. A first world problem indeed. So after some driving the guys stopped at a Statoil to buy a map and to find out that they were actually driving into the wrong direction. Arriving to Uppsala saw the same sort of  shananigans continued as the hotel could not be found. First they asked the trashman who was very nice and gave the right directions… which the guys completely ignored and still could’nt find the hotel. Luckily the postman had a piece of paper which to draw a map on which helped quite a lot. After this adventure Alex decided to go with a more trustable GPS model, also known as a printed map. Now all was set… Except Janne who was waiting at Arlanda airport to be picked up by the guys – who had forgotten all about it.

No matter, there’s always the train and Janne took that. The guys feeling quite embarrased decided to go to the trainstation to meet Janne. They bought the biggest bouquet of flowers they could find and  tried to find a violin guy or a harmonica guy to play a tune to sooth the hurt feelings of our unlucky friend. The musician couldn’t be found but Janne’s heart melted with the pelargonias and all was well.


Game 1

The first game of the day for the tournament and for us was against Mashive. The game didn’t start well at all. First three markers overcronoed just before the first point and then one malfunctioned during it.

Mash took the first three points taking the game to 0-3 before our guys could compesate by winning the next two. The next point went to Mash and again the guys managed to take a point back taking the game to 3-4. Last chance to save the day but no, Mash took the next one and that was it. Helsinki Cyclone vs. Mash 3-5


Game 2

The second game was against Brutal Deluxe and it didn’t go well. It seemed that everything they tried backfired and went horribly wrong. Even a time out and radical change of plan could’nt save it. Helsinki Cyclone vs. Brutal Deluxe 1-5


Game 3

The third and last game was against the Bulletproof Monkeys. This time the guys had made new plans for the game and they seemed to work. The first two points went to Cyclone taking the game to 2-0 but after that the Bulletbroof guys repelled back. Buy now our guys had a lot of problems at the pit. The Ignition boys had been helping them during the two earliers games but now they couldn’t make it and the two minutes pit time simply wasn’t enough. They were losing points fast and it didn’t look good. Help came from quite a suprising direction. It was a couple of the Bulletproof boys who came to lend a hand at the pit. I’d say thats some proper sportmanship ! Helsinki Cyclone vs. Bulletproof Monkeys 2-5


The games were over and it was time to pack up, but not before some chilling on the Uppsala site. Sunshine, music, terrace, beer (and no, not the watered down stuff… proper beer) and a perfect view to field where the finals are just beginning… what else would you need for a perfect evening. To top all this off there was an afterparty in the evening with good food and good company. The Swedes sure know how to arrange an avesome tournament.

The way home with the ferry was much more quiet as the returntrips tend to be. A couple of beers but nothing special.


The Cyclone posse wants extend our biggest gratitude to all Swedish paintballers and especially the Ignition guys. You welcomed us like we were royalty and we had the best time with you guys!

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