Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Sami Turunen

Sami Turunen

Name: Sami “Pamppu” Turunen

Years played: I started playing paintball 1995, but had three  years off because of injuries so I guess the total amount of seasons would be 14. I started playing tournament paintball right at the moment I bought my own gear. The international circuit is fairly new to me, my first tournament abroad was 2008 World Cup and after that I’ve played Millennium Series, Baltic Sea cup and so on…

Years in Cyclone: I joined the black’n’blue family for the season 2008 and I’ve been here ever since and won’t go away.. and the amount of years, five-ish for me too.

Former teams: Maantiekiitäjät PBT (a.k.a. Kiitäjät), Prollari, NitroX, Voodoo Legacy

Current Status: I’m one of the SPBL’s board, I’m one of the most active players in the team, I’m one of the people who run things behind the curtains, I’m one of the coaching staff, I eat most of the sausages Alex grills for the team. I try to do whatever is needed

What is or has been your goal in paintball?

Goal… hmm.. Ok, let’s put it this way.. I got interested of the sport because it was all about fun and thats why I’m still here. I think I can say the main goal for me has always been having fun. But as a competitive person having fun after years of playing means that you really need to be able to win games and you really need to win to satisfy your needs.  So I want to win every point, every game and every tournament no matter who we play, I just want to win. Winning as its worst is still better than losing at its best 😉

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years in paintball?

Still here doing something. I’ve found out that this is my sport and I never want to quit. If I don’t break myself you’ll find me on the field shooting but as the time goes on I think that I need to do more of the coaching and managing stuff.. but before we come to that point I’m hoping to take a few more titles here in Finland and hoping to play at least one full and successful season in Millennium Series.

Malaga 2010

Who has tought you the most in paintball?

I think learning is combination of all the things people teach you and all the things you see but if I had to name one person I guess that would be Raffe. I’ve stolen the thecniques from here and there but Raffe was the one who woke me up and pushed me to learn new things when I rejoined paintball after my break. After the awakening I’ve watched every single game possible, I’ve seen “The One With The Gun” and “X-Plained” a hundred times, I’ve talked about the techniques, gotten coaching from Mikko Huttunen, Devon Stutsttstzzt and Mr U and what’s important I’ve tried the stuff and learned what works for me.. but like life, paintball is learning every day. You learn more skills, you learn something about tactics, you improve your physics, you just learn. I can tell you even Ollie Lang isn’t perfect, he still learns stuff. Believe me.
Mention top 3 things in paintball?

I’ll try to keep this one simple…

-Friends:  Without them you would feel stupid standing on the field with your motocross look-a-like gear soaking wet and muddy because of the Finnish summer.

-Experiences: Remember the words I told you about winning? Well, winning is always an experience. But be with your friends and do it 5000 kilometers away from home in the middle of hundreds of players from all over the world… and stay in the spot because you just can’t fly home because of a volcano erupted in Iceland and other shit happened… and when you get to fly home you notice that 4 days transformed into 9 days, you missed work, you lost some of your gear, it cost money, you got laughs… and memories that last forever.

-Travelling: It’s always nice to travel to new places, no matter if they’re here in Finland or in some other country… but combine the two things I mentioned earlier, friends and experiences with this and you might understand what I’m on about.
Tell about your best moment in paintball, on or off the field?

Winning my first SPBL Championship in 2010 might be the one to remember. The first time you’re on the podium getting medals and you know that there just is no player that wouldn’t want to change place with you… everybody wants to be a winner!
Name 1 player you would love to play 1 on 1 against if you were last 2 guys on the field?

Tough question.. I would love to shoot Thomas Taylor in the face after a long and hard battle. There just is something in that guy that ticks me off in a way.. Luckily we have our friend Miro from PPW who rocks the same hairstyle and piercings and he has tasted my rainbow for a several times.. It kinda takes me to that battle with Thomas 😉

You allways have been a “big” guy, well tall and hercules kinda big. But you have gained alot speed and agility in past year. Any pointers for other bigger players, meaning few drills they can do?

I have to mention the obvious here: lose that friggin weight. It might take some effort but it’ll pay off on and off the field.  I was 114kg in 2009 and spring 2010 the scale showed 97kg at the lowest and that was because of I dropped a few bites from every plate. I also did some kettlebell and interval-trainings to gain strength and speed. I can’t tell you the drills that are the right ones for you but I can tell you, you just need to harden the f*ck up and push yourself to the limit. If you’re a pussy and whine about the hardness of things you’re never going to get slimmer, faster and better player. A cliché but still so true: No pain, no gain..

Filling the Mini

You are an old school player too. What do you think of the modern bunkers and where they are headed ? Cause face it they are gettin smaller and same time “easier” for the smaller players?

I’ll try to be polite here. Changing bricks into Mini-M’s and Mini-races was OK and I think they brought something new on the field… but who the hell came up with the idea of changing snake and “revolutionizing” the snake play? MS Saint Tropez and PSP Galveston Island snakes worked because they are the same but look at the latest MS layout. What? How am I supposed to play the snake with my 193cm height and 102kg weight? I surely can get in the spot but if I move my head for two centimeters I get shot in the face. Actually the snake is built in a manner that you can lock down the snake and make it completely useless if you want. I’ve never seen this before and I’m hoping it to go away really soon.  Smaller bunkers are harder to play but at this moment the layouts are playable, I don’t miss the giant carrots and other completely weird bunkers on the field 😉

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