Valken changes strategy after being cut from PSP?

Paintball X3 published a press release about Valken offering their first “Pro Level Scenario Team Sponsorship”. After being shut out of PSP as a potential paint vendor, that’s a quick turnaround. Of course, having already budgeted the related expenses for the PSP circuit, the company must have found themselves sitting on a pile of cash that they needed to push somewhere to  make money make money.

I wonder if this will turn out to be a first move in a more large-scale shift towards the recball crowd for Valken? And ultimately, will the league/sponsor agreements divide the field even more and further broaden the rift between the two major series and recball / tornament play in general?

For the pro bracket, there’s a few ways this (in the broadest sense) can go and the outcomes might be quite different based on the negotiations with teams and especially players. There has been a significant amount of “free-movers” between the leagues, playing on one team on the other league and repping different colors on the other league. What is to happen if the player contract stipulates that to have the contract the player can’t represent any brand that is “interchangeable” but in a different league? That naturally narrows down the possibilities for the players.. If the icentives coming from the industry on a player level are actually enough to catch the players’ attention in the first place.

But I digress. For Valken, the offered “PRO level” sponsorship package does imply the company sees little actual profit potential in the scenario league. Why else would the PRO sponsorship package be conditional on the achievements the team needs to reach during the season? “First, buy our stuff and if you do well, you’ll get a voucher to get more of our stuff”.. Or then it could just be that they’re not that familiar with the league they are hopping onto. Anyway, this could potentially lead to more investment to trickle to the rec leagues as the other manufacturers need to counter Valken’s claim on the segment.

Funny times.

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