LiveLeague 2011:Turku (#3)

After most of our team has had some summer holiday action in resorts around Europe, it is time for next Finnish league. Actually we are not in Turku, but in Piikkiö. A nice rural industrial area, where Dream Team has their field.

After two victories in earlier leagues we are coming to Turku with a strong training resume under our belt. Even with holiday season underway we continued with our standard 3-times-a week practice pulse. It was nice to see other teams also wanting to train with us and on Wednesday we played ~15 points with Dream Team on the league pitch. We were humbled by DT’s strong gun power and took only a few points during the evening. I am sure that we are now more pumped up, as we don’t want to repeat this on league-proper.

As standard we will be giving league scores point by point and Sundays Division 1 games game by game. Liveblogging is still under advisement but we will see what we can do.

League starts after 3rd division around half past noon. First game will be us against Urho, who have been under performing whole season. Hopefully their new younger team has been soaking some rays on their training field during July.


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