Pics from the Grind Grand Opening

Link to Gallery After quite a lot of sweat and tears and not too much blood on the field, we finally got the turf project finished and it needed a proper initiation. The beautiful sunday consisted of a lot of sunshine, a few games, a few drills, great BBQ food, some zipline fun and swimming in the lake. Great success! Hit the picture to get to the gallery, or just hit this.

We’ve been quite busy recently, sorry for not posting updates since SPBL Ikaalinen.. We do have a tournament report in the oven, and also some insights to how to tackle a turf project. My personal tip of the day, book a trip to Italy for the project week – it’s lot less painful! Most probably I will be hearing reminders of my managerial efforts for at least a few years to come. 🙂

We’re also looking into further improving the live scoring for the next SPBL round in Kirkkonummi on June 18th and 19th for your pleasure. 🙂

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