LiveLeague 2011:Kirkkonummi (#2)

Welcome to live scoring service for league round 2; sorry no bikini girls waiving a cardboard sign. Kirkkonummi, Finland, lays about 30 klicks west of Helsinki. Here you find rolling fields of  wheat, a paintball field and us liveleaguing. Will young and fast Take Over finally take gold, with the last rounds teachings under belt? Will Cyclone continue to reign supreme? Or will the others show their true colors. You will see it here! Games start at 9:00 Saturday with League. On Sunday Div 2 plays the morning and Div 1 the evening halfs.

Again we will do a little bit pick and choose what we will cover. This time it will be League, Div 1, Div 2. We will try something new again. I will live-blog Cyclone League games and medal matches for league. My prose is often compared to those of Harlequin books, so we’ll see how it goes. We’ll also push some videos to the site (quicktime plugin required, sorry).

Please answer a quick survey, it’ll take a moment and we will customise our work next round based on answers:

Survey (in Finnish)

Survey (in English)


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Div 1:

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Div 2:

sorry, we don’t have time to come Sunday morning.


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    1. We noticed that as we approached the 400 entry mark on the liveblog, it became unstable on Firefox and IE. Safari on PC suffered also – Google Chrome seemed to handle it with no issues. We’ll look into changing the update method away from polling, and if that doesn’t fix the issue, we’ll just need to split the day into two different posts. Thanks for the heads up!

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