League Round #2 Kirkkonummi, postmortem

Second league round is now behind us and What results! We took the league round by storm and division 1’s respectable second position was great advancement from the disappointment of the first round.

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Picture by Perttu Alitalo

Saturday started with league and first matchup was Cyclone vs. Urho. Urho’s roster has changed quite a bit from last year and they ended last in SPBL’s first round. We started the game aggressive with pushing both sides of the field. We took the first point. In next point Urho shot our guys from the moves and Raffe was left alone in the snake. 1-1.  Point number three ended up to Cyclone with a 141 for Urho deciding the point. 20 seconds was enough to choose a victor for the fourth point with both sides of the field rampaged by our guys. You would think that this would have broken the back of Urho, but they mustered their players and quickly took next two points. Last point was again a quick point and we took a close 4-3 victory. Some of the loosing points were decided by penalties, which have been a problem point for us in the past. So in next games we needed to be more strict with our own eliminations.

Second game was against DT from Turku.

First point was a even match up with both teams loosing players. Jii got into the snake and started to shoot Dream Team players out. Unfortunately he took a 141 which ended up deciding the point for DT. Second point was another quick one to tie the game 1-1. Third point’s break gave us a two man lead, but was not enough to guarantee a point for us. 1-2 for DT, something needed to be done. two one minute points after a lost point took the game to 3-2  with a couple minutes of left on game time. In the fifth point Turku got some controversy time, when Sipi was in the snake corner and got marked on his arm. Normal drama ensued with DT’s coach yelling up and down the sideline complaining about the decision. Hilu as our Liveblogger was watching Sipi closely and didn’t see him get hit, but apparently all of Turku saw the hit. Last point went underway and ended up using rest of the game time. A close victory for us then.

RumaQ games was a quick 4-0. We took consistently 1 or 2 out of the break and ruled the field. It was apparent that each time that day we took the snake, the tent side got more living space and more often than not we rolled through tent side to take a point. Next round which will be played on Millennium UK layout will concentrate the game to the middle and will be interesting to us, because we are not used to using the middle that much.

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Domi concentrating

Fourth game was against Trivoga, who have always given us a run for our money. Game started with Trivoga players running to M’s outside legs. They were butchered on the way with the other player taking a penalty for playing on. Cyclone guys quickly cleaned the field taking the first point. Next point our boys left Raffe alone in the snake, while Trivoga went for the buzzer. Trivoga took the iniative with a 2-1 lead. The rain started to pour on the field and points went to both teams end to 3-3 before last point. seventh point was a Trivoga show, with them rolling through our guys. First and last defeat for the day.

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Last Prelim game was against TakeOver. We had secured the finals with a strong ED points, but we wanted to make it definite.  Game started strong for us, taking both first points. TakeOver recovered and took next two games by taking our front players out. Our team pumped the spirit up and took last two points. After loosing the two points our team huddled up to pump up the spirits, as has been the seremony in the past few years. We have gotten comments that this extra pumping is a bit obnoxious, and American. We feel that without some extra team spirit building after loosing multiple points in a row, it is easier to delve on the lost points and keep loosing. A bit of extra “oomph” often takes us over the hump, as it did this time as well.

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Thinking ahead - finals time.

Off to Finals – Gold match was a rematch of the bitter defeat against Trivoga.

Trivoga was of to a strong start with leaving with the point with  four own bodies left. Next point was a Raffe show with him sweeping the opposition from the snake. The ship rocked back and forth with Trivoga taking a second quick point. Cyclone evened the game with Sam keeping the snake free of Trivoga players and a rerun of Raffe show was played. 2-2. We quickly took the next point with Trivoga’s last player taking a penalty. They started the leagues last point with four players and were stormed by our players. We ended up taking the trophy home with an 4-2 victory.

During the day other games were played evenly so that in the end bronze game players were decided by ED points. All in all, as it is often stated, there are no obviously weak teams in the league and the Finnish championship will be fought to the last round in Oulu.

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Janne Vartiainen from Takeover

Division 1 games for our second team Cyclone VDO played a well in most matches. Our biggest problem was timing off the field, we were always running behind the clock. With us coming to pit’s just before end of the game before ours, left us scrabbling for pots and air. I think it is evidence of our growing skills in Div 1 team, that we ended storming many of the games. Taking a key point against Urho Keltainen with 4 seconds on the clock that decided our place in the semis, was a crown for our prelim efforts. We also took the game from Game Over, which has been our favorite adversary. Only FieldFighters was too strong for us in the finals. Their game was faster and shooting more accurate. End feeling of the day was that more training and we are lucky to have the best training adversaries in Finland, our league team.

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D1 awards

Off the field our Livescoring was a success again and the liveblog got a nice audience. We will try to get the technical side working better for next round. Most of the interest is in league and we will concentrate on that. So next time we’ll most probably do the same livescore and blog for league and gamescores for div 1. We are eagerly waiting for G’s photos from the event. Last round’s pics were pure gold.

Next round will be held in Piikkiö, close to Turku, in the end of July.

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