The Perfect Team Dinner @ Farang

Every now and then we get together and organize a team dinner at someones house or in a restaurant. This time the event took place in one of the best asian restaurants in Finland called Farang. Farang is a modern asian gourmet restaurant which serves flavors from southeast asian kitchen. The restaurant is partially owned by Tomi Björck who is one of the finnish Master Chef judges and one of the “rockstars of finnish cookery”… and one of the chefs that ladies seem to like very much 😉

Anyways, back to the subject. We decided to try a tasting menu called Farang. The menu included betel leaf with swordfish, vietnamese style hamachi sashimi, deep fried soft shell crabs, crispy pork with palm sugar caramel, thai-roti bread with phaenag curry, crispy fried salt & pepper tofu with chinese water cress, braised veal cheek in chinese aromatic broth and a dessert called “songkha”. Most of us also decided to take the recommended wines and after the dinner we were more than glad that we did try the wines.

All the dishes were great and they were cooked with heart and passion and with a great understanding of asian cuisine. Despite the fact that all dishes were great there were some dishes that we liked the most. Many of us praised the swordfish, the curry and the tofu but there was still one above the others: THE crispy pork, it was really a magical phenomenon with caramel, coriander and meat that made us all smile and the smile got even bigger when we tried the red wine with the pork. OMG. That really is something to remember and also something that I recommend you to try.

The most important thing was the food but if I’m honest I must praise the service also. You always got a waiter when you needed to get one, they all were really nice and kind and they made the dinner perfect by really paying attention to the special diets that some of us had. They knew what they were doing and they really did know what they were selling. Nice.

Before leaving we had a chance to meet and thank Mr. Björck himself. It was nice to see that the main man is really around and the customers have an opportunity to have a chat with him. We had a little chat also and it was nice to find out that Tomi seems to be really down to earth guy and he seems to value our opinnion and appreciation. Nicely done.

After the dinner and during the night we once again found ourselves having a few in the Tiger. Not bad either.

The final statemet is: Helsinki Cyclone really recommends restaurant Farang and the Tiger 😉

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    Weeeee! Food blogging is something I cannot do properly but I dd it anyway. And had fun while experiencing the food I wrote about…

    OK ok, we are not completely over paintball so I think you will hear some paintball stories also in the future. But that’s not what you want, right?

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