Interview with Mikko Huttunen – DYE Snow and LA Ironmen

Over the winter we have been reading various rumors and bits of gossip about DYE branching into snow sports, but there hasn’t been too much concrete information. With the PSP season opener in Galveston, Texas showing Mikko Huttunen amiss from the Ironmen back line, we figured that something is really bubbling under. We contacted Mikko and discussed a lot of recent topics.

Mikko Huttunen at Cyclone DYE Pro Day 2010

1. You weren’t present at the PSP season opener due to a schedule overlap, can you tell us where you were?

Mikko: It’s been pretty hectic for me since world cup. Lots of work and new projects, so I really didnt have any time to practice , so I decided not to play at the first event. I told coach skinny Kevin that I don’t want to be playing in the tournament if I’m not 100% concentrated on that. During the event there was also a big snowboarding event going on in Vermont, so I was there for some work.

2. Branching out to snow sports seems to be a big leap for a PB-company. Can you share some insight to what kind of product portfolio are you looking into? Will we be seeing a topof the line board from DYE, the NT of snow sports?

Mikko: Hmm well, It’s no secret anymore that DYE is as a company moving also something else than paintball. I think this is a natural move for successful company to expand. We are launching a new division towards the snow sports and it is to be honest very exciting for all of us. I think we have earned reputation as being a very reliable, cutting edge and quality sporting goods manufacture during the years, so naturally we want to expand our brand on the other markets as well. is up and you can get latest info out there. I hope to see all the paintball people to rock DYE snowgear out in the mountains next year:) And like I said DYE snow is individual division under DYE brand and is not taking anything off from paintball side of things.

3. How has the initial reponse and interest towards DYE Snow been?

Mikko: Its been very good and lots of people are interested. Actually lot of paintball people are excited about this too, as many of our fellow players snowboard or ski as well!

4. DYE Snow has been visible on the “Flying Finns” videos. How did you find these guys – or how did they find you?

Mikko: Hey don’t we all know each other in Finland:) Well, Im a part producer in this show through Embark Sports Management, which is a brand new bad ass international extreme sports management company. And also all these guys are my friends.

5. The Ironmen has gone through quite significant roster changes last year introducing young guys like Kyle Spicka, Eric Humphreys and Chris Catt along with the more seasoned Brazilian Osvaldo Brito Neto. Are you satisfied with how the team has progressed?

Mikko: Yea all the kids and Osvaldo (he is definitely not a kid:) are playing great and they are very hungry. Team spirit seems to be very good. Unfortunately I haven’t had too much time to spent with team past months, but hoping to spend more time with them during the summer. To have a long time successful team like Ironmen, you need to refresh the team. You need to have a right mix of youth and experience. If you look back 2007 and 2008 when we won world cups, we had all that in the team. Its all about the chemistry.

6. You were a proponent of the PSP rule changes on your own blog. Many of the PSP Galveston games went to full time and teams played much slower points than last year. Have the games changed to the direction you were hoping for?

Mikko: I don’t like how they changed to rule that they release the fields weekend before. They should just release it on Thursday before event. I think the last field layout was just slow over all. All the other changes are still good and I haven’t really heard anyone else complain too much either. So lets see…

7. We will see you at PSP event 2, right?

Mikko: Don’t know for sure yet about the next event. I hope so. You can see me at Paris millennium though, where I will be playing with my buddy and newly signed DYE player Max Lundqvist with DYE team Comin at Ya.

8. Will we be seeing you in Finland this year? Last year’s DYE Pro Day was absolutely fantastic!

Mikko: Thanks buddy, and yes. We will do an awesome cyclone pro school this summer in Helsinki. With an all star player crew, so stay tuned!!!

Thanks and all the best with the Ironmen and the DYE Snow venture!

Mikko: Thanks!

Once again, big thanks to Mikko for taking the time to answer our questions! Head on over to where you can check for updates and register for a newsletter, don’t forget to check them out on facebook to stay informed about the fall 2011 product launch! ! In the meantime, be prepared for a massive Cyclone Pro School this summer! OH YEAH!

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