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After a bit of a pause after the last Finnish League and Millennium Series Paris… No, wait, who am I kidding? After way too long of a break – over a month longer than last year – it’s again time to gather our sports gear and hit the gym. The demand for this has been steadily developing as the spouses become more and more annoyed with the expanding blob taking up space on the sofa. And just when I got to resting a pint handily on the belly..

An interesting thing to notice is (again) on the mental side of things. Many of the players may have succumbed to a state of passive existence as a possible countereffect for the intensity of the 2010 season, I know I have. Even though many of the players have been asking when do we start training aigain, it’s still surprisingly hard to motivate yourself out of hibernation after you’ve reached a goal which you’ve been working hard for a full year. It’s also surprising, how much of the edge you lose, if you don’t exercise at all.. I think we have to start from a quite moderate level of strain to get everybody out of the cocoon-like state and not push it too much.. yet. The  overall targets for this winter season have been set high, we still need to train harder and with higher intensity than last year to benefit from the effort that was put in. After all, why settle with the same fitness level each year, why not improve that aspect as well?

Last season we had a good indication that we had been doing the right things at the Kirkkonummi event. The summer overall was one of the hottest summers I can recall and probably the hottest days of the summer happened to be on the tournament weekend. It was absolutely scorching hot – for us finns at least. Even though we dropped the semifinal game to Trivoga Silver (once again: great play!) we found ourselves totally outclassing the Turku team in the bronze match for the tournament. We wondered what’s going on even during the game, as the team had played a solid aggressive game the whole season and now it seemed the field was empty at the buzzer. It turned out the heat had sucked every bit of energy out of them. Having to push it in the 2nd point of the match to take the point left them totally exhausted and the guys could barely walk after the match. We got a freebie then by doing our homework during the winter.

As the fields seem to become faster and faster, the ability to be fast and endure strain becomes more important for the team as a whole and if we wish to even stand a chance against the competition, let alone keep the boy at home with us and renew the championship, we can’t afford to become complacent.

Plus, it’s just great to see the guys!

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