Millennium Paris web video collection

We’ve stumbled upon a wealth of videos of the Paris event, it seems that there were plenty of keen videographers at the event – nice, since the games on the layout were fast-paced and a lot of fun to watch. We decided to share them for your Friday entertainment while waiting for the proper write-up of our trip to Paris. Check them out, and subscribe to the channels they’re from, good stuff!

A few great videos by “Letof54” on youtube. Different teams, many points in their entirety and a few great moments on video. Nice.

DYE sponsored teams performing:

Below are videos from SK Moscow‘s Vimeo account. They have a lot of good videos with multiple cameras from different events, and seem to be able to post them up quickly after events, so you might want to subscribe to their channel. Check out the links to the Vimeo channel below the videos.

SK Moscow – Lisbon Benfica 02.10.10 (Paris) prelims from SK Moscow on Vimeo.

SK Moscow – Copenhagen Ducks 02.10.10 (Paris) prelims from SK Moscow on Vimeo.

SK Moscow – Budapest Bullets 01.10.10 (Paris) prelims from SK Moscow on Vimeo.

We’ll see if the SOP guys will post videos of the matches, as the initial announcement of the “live coverage” claimed that the games will be available “on demand and for download” soon after the games. In my opinion, the drumroll for the live coverage was a bit excessive for what the coverage actually was.. Someone might go as far as to suggest that they deliberately formulated the advertising to create an image of an actual webcast. Now the promises of video uploads also seem forgotten.. We’ll see. I’m still keeping my fingers and toes crossed if it would help the PSP to get their superb webcast up and running for this year’s World Cup. The NPPL can do it, why wouldn’t you?

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