2010 – The season in numbers

While writing the previous article on the SPBL Mikkeli Leg, I went through our team bulletin board to do a quick summary of the trainings we had prior to the last event, and I got a bit curious. Last year we also did an internal summary of statistics at our season-ender party, and I figured what the heck, I could count the practises and other general things as a blog post as well. Turns out it wasn’t such a quick little thing to do after all..

Looking back to the 2009 end of season thoughts, I could see that a lot of the carefully optimistic expectations for the 2010  season had also been brought to reality. At the 2009 season-ending party we had recognized that we actually have a great group of players and with that group the championship was well within our reach. I guess that during that weekend the team built a shared commitment to support every effort that could be taken to reach that goal. It’s been absolutely fantastic to witness that commitment come to life during the long 2010 season which we started already in November by initiating the physical excercise sessions – of which we had good experiences from the 2008-2009 winter. All in all the different practises, trainings and competitions we went through this season consisted of:

50 Physical fitness training sessions

9 Reball sessions in Toijala

1 Slide training session

6 indoor practises with paint

37 outdoor practises with paint

1 ProSchool

3 Indoor tournaments

1 Swedish Masters tournament

4 League events

4 Divisional events

3 Millenniums (so far)

So all in all we’ve had 119 different team occasions, and a few more are still to come.. Since the period is actually less than a year long, we’ve had the opportunity to meet each other more often than every third day – actually coming close to every second day. Or three times a week for the whole season. Whew.

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  1. 120 events – done!

    Today we held a small 3 hour playing session with Field Fighters on our field in Tuusula. Nice hard games, I had to play snake and all other nice spots also 🙂

    But that was season ender for me so I’ll see you all next season 🙂

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