Greg Hastings’s got a brand new bag, out in stores soon

via Gamesradar

So Greg’s new game is comming out 29th September. No word for Euro release. The game looks ok by itself (I’ll come back to it shortly), but more interesting is the quote about Activi$ion. It allways makes a good news story, when mega-corps attack private entrepeneurs and that one quote got the attention of gameblogging sites like Kotaku. We see the situation from Hastings’s point of view only, and while it might be a as well a marketing trick , it’s allways nice to see the under dog win. Greg’s enthusiasm on the conference is alltogether a nice change to marketing-machine made presentations we are used to.

The game itself looks like a reiteration of the original. Screenshots show forest and concept and supair-ball with 7 to 10 man teams. In one shot you can see a huge x-bunker – might that mean that we’ll get to play 5-man xball’ish also? Graphics are as bad as expected with human meatpupets playing the parts of players. Woodsland gamings hasn’t interested me since we moved out of the woods to savannah in the early 00’s and the game engine doesn’t seem to support true sup-air game with un formable bunkers.

One thing that I’d like to see, as a good service the paintball community, would be to introduce the next PSP-NPPL-Millennium fields live through Console’s downloadable content for a few €. I for one, would like to play and walk the fields before hand from the comfort of home with a beer or two in the cooler. For that feature alone, I might even buy the game, even if it is bad. And could we have NHL like comentating done by Mr Marshall: “And the Game is on”.

As a gamer and paintballer it’s good to see both industries mix. Personally I will wait for the reviews before picking this one up.

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