2nd leg of SPBL: Victory for Cyclone!

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The picture says it all:  Celebration!

The 2nd leg of Finnish national series begun with Div 1 games and Cyclone VDO managed to perform rather nicely. Patrik “Locco” Louko made a huge comeback by psyching our adversaries and whipping Cyclone VDO to 2nd place in Div 1. Nice improvement since leg 1! Welcome back Locco!

The rainy saturday afternoon continued with the flagship of finnish paintball, the SM-League. Other teams tried to stir our game and told us that we should have pressures by being the favourite team to win the event. Well, guess what happened? We knew who we were and we surely knew what we can do and how to do it: In the prelims we won the first two games and tied the third and got to the semis by winning our division. In the semis we shot down Trivoga and ended up in the final game to face Urho once again.

The final game was tight but we had strong feeling (finnish= erittäin vahva tunne 😉 ) and never lacked faith. Esprit de corps led us to 4-2 victory and once again we took the trophy to Helsinki!

Now the SPBL is half way through and it surely looks good for us…

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