DYE signs NE Hurricanes!

Wow, as far as sponsorship goes, this one is big news! DYE has signed New England Hurricanes for a multtiple year-contract, how do you like them apples? Quite an aggressive move in the sponsorship front.. Nice to see what the Hurricanes’ custom NT will look like. Strategically the signing is a well thought-out move, as the Hurricanes have been catching a lot of attention with their extremely well produced “Birth of a Storm” documentary.

Good luck to the endeavour!

Press release from DYE Precision’s Blog:

DYE Precision signs Team New England Hurricanes to Multi-Year Sponsorship Agreement

DYE Precision signs Team New England Hurricanes to Multi-Year Sponsorship Agreement


San Diego, California (May 16, 2010) – Dye Precision Inc. announced today the signing of Professional Paintball Team New England Hurricanes to a multi-year agreement.

2010 is a year of change and rebuilding for the Hurricanes. Team owner, Jeff Stein says: “The Hurricanes are rolling the dice this year, taking a lot of big risks by picking up young and untested players while watching the bulk of our professional roster move on. We are starting fresh and there is no guarantee of success. What makes all of this even more gratifying is that DYE, who is at the pinnacle of both the sport and the industry, believes in us and is willing to bet on our future success and us. We are very excited to represent DYE, their products and their principles and hope we live up to their reputation for excellence.”

“As a store owner, team owner and player, I am excited by the move to DYE and the NT markers. It’s always exciting when you get new gear and get to play around and see what you can do with it, but when you are picking up and NT you know off the bat that you have a proven marker with top quality manufacturing and customer support behind it” states team coach and manager George Zervas.

Mikko Huttunen, DYE Precision’s worldwide event and sponsorship coordinator: “Team New England Hurricanes has been for years a top contender in pro paintball. We are totally confident in their abilities and are happy to support the team during this time of transition. The New England Hurricanes, aside from being a successful team on the field, have proven to be an asset off the field as well. Their sportsmanship, dedication to the sport, and their ability to help DYE continue to promote paintball in the local community as well as around the globe make this relationship a win-win for everyone.

Watch out for New England Hurricanes shooting DYE NT’s and using C10 playing gear.

For more information contact:
DYE Precision, Inc
10637 Scripps Summit Ct.
San Diego, CA 92131
P (858) 536-5183
F (858) 536-5191

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