Thoughts on Physical Training

I’m the first to admit that I hate winter. Especially this one where all warmth has left us Finns to the embrace of record snow falls and at worst -25 degrees Celsius temperatures and gusty winds. This has been a time, when I’ve doubted my sense to go jogging into the bitter cold. Thank the maker for gyms and central heating.

I believe that physical fitness is something Finnish Paintballers aren’t concentrating enough on. Of course we, the competition paintballers, have left behind the time, when our back players were all over 30 BMI. Still, Cyclones target for this year: getting to play all the games in the final day of all the Millennium tournaments, is something I think few of us Finns are equipped to deal with. It really takes endurance both from the body and mind to keep pushing through those snakes point after point and game after game.

The thing is; Paintball has been a geek sport and we geeks are somewhat predisposed for our favorite deadly sins, sloth and gluttony. But your body is pretty straight forward to sculpt to proper portions. Easy it’s not, candy is the crack for me, yes: ” My name is Hilu, I’m a sugar addict”. But following the following recipe you should be ok 1. Find somebody who knows his stuff (especially in sport conditioning) and do what he tells 2. Eat more healthily 3. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam 4. Profit…

This is something that’s been gone over gazillion times in all the formats imaginable and I have little to add. In the next post I’ll try to cover the more interesting mental aspects of training, so, to be continued…

Below are a couple of pictures from last winter’s physical training sessions, when we did not have such an elaborate conditioning plan laid out for us, but we started sweating none the less..

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  1. I’m looking forward to read about Hilu’s thoughts about the mental aspects of training. Mind is a powerful tool and you can either win or lose with it and this fact applies in both circumstances, in competitions and in trainings. If you haven’t tuned your mind to train properly, you are not training properly and your training results will not be proper. And by improper training results I mean that you might gain something from your training but with right mindset you could have gained more. Improper mindset and training might not be the worst waste of your time but it still is some kind of time wasting. When you get up to do something why not use your valuable time at it’s full capacity and do things like they are meant to do?

    My comments will also continue later when Hilu writes more 🙂

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