Thoughts on Physical Training, Mind Games Continued

In my first post on this site, I pondered about the strains that tournaments put on our body and mind. The solution for body was covered, and is nothing new, but what about the mind? Again most of these ideas are presented in other channels, but I see them important enough for repetition.

The mental side of paintball is often thought to be a totally different animal and it’s training somewhat unquantifiable. I think this only partly right. Physical training, when done well is about getting you to push through those mental limits that we all have. This constant “overdoing it” prepares the mind for the torrential rains of London, the heat of Malaga and the top players of the game. It really is the old platitude: No pain no gain.

The other ingredient of this recipe is team trainings. The more the team spends time together in the training mill, the more the team gels together. And I’m not talking about a weekly-playing-some-points kind of training, but a combination of this and team technical and team physical training. There is a reason why many other “real” sports do team-trainings not only on tactics and technial trainings. Of course this does not mean that you can’t be a winning team if you don’t do fysical training together, but I think that it helps alot, especially on our level. I’ve always been somewhat of a loner, and never really liked team sports. Still I push the hardest in trainings when my buddies are around me doing the same thing and hating it as much as I. It’s all about shared pain as Joel’s videography puts it.

How does this mirror to our past experiences? Of late, we have been the team to (literally) sing in the rain, while others are cowering under quickly disintegrating tents. Break downs have been far apart, and mostly with our new guys. Also our best results in close history have come from under the duress of the elements. Of course this is not only due the above mentioned system but I attach some blame to it.

Still, earlier we haven’t had our training routines down pat. Too little game training, or too little physical. Right now we are having twice a week team physical training, once a week game training and a weekly technical training. I have some gym on the side, but that’s just for myself. Not everyone can make it every time, for we are only amateurs in this sports and have a living to make, but we have a core group that comes to most. Is this too much, you might ask. Sometimes it feels like it and my wife at least doesn’t like it one bit. We paintballers are spending good(/bad) portion of our income on this game, so why not spend some physical and mental capital as well, to get more bang for the buck… Or is it not enough? That we have to see on the fields of Europe.

Maybe later I’ll try to write down some thoughts about the whats and whys of Pb teambuilding in my past experience. And I might even tell you about why I had the years leave of absence from paintball. It had a lot to do with the mental side of paintball and might be relevant for some of you readers.

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