‘Brothers in Paint’ – An Academic Paintball Videography

It’s about time to go live with this now, so here goes. As a researcher for the Aalto University School of Economics I was given the opportunity to explore conducting research on video a few years ago. At the time, it didn’t take long for my colleague and compatriot Joonas Rokka to identify an interesting context of consumer culture – yes, that would be paintball (at the time an utterly bizarre idea for me, fortunately I played along). Suddenly, I found myself being both the researcher and the researched.

Armed with cheap equipment and a foolhardy attitude, we began filming in the Millennium Series events in 2008, and quickly we noticed to have gathered over 40 hours of material – and an increasing tension to figure out uses for it. Well, now two years later I guess I can say we did. What started as a tentative exploration has morphed into two conference papers (CCT09, ANZMAC09) and an award winning videography at the North American Association for Consumer Research 2009.

So, without further ado, is the final and newest cut of the ‘Brothers in Paint: A Practice-Oriented Inquiry into a Tribal Marketplace Culture’ videography submitted to EACR2010. A warm thanks to the team I bleed black and blue for, all our supporters, interviewees, and my co-authors.

If you wish for a more detailed account of our videographic paintball project, or just find an interest in our videographic endeavors, you can catch glimpses of our efforts in our new blog – Inside Videography. Please enjoy!

Brothers in Paint – EACR2010 (1/4)

Brothers in Paint – EACR2010 (2/4)

Brothers in Paint – EACR2010 (3/4)

Brothers in Paint – EACR2010 (4/4)

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  1. Awesome. Just awesome. I don’t know that much about academic stuff but this simply is awesome academic stuff!

    I wanna see more of this! 🙂

  2. Excellent work guys! We have to chat about the Individuality / Community aspect mentioned at the end of the third part.

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