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What’s up guys? I decided to write something what’s going on with me and cali paintballing.

Four weeks to the first PSP event. We have been practicing a lot, weekend after weekend.. If I’m talking true so I’m getting little bit tired of this but I want to get so much better so I have to keep practicing hard. Actually we are going to Arizona to play AZPPL this weekend, I think we are going to win that tournament.. hopefully. But still we have to practice more if we want to win PSP. And everyone in the team says that we are not even close to that level what we have to be if we want to win the PSP. So we have to grind hard and yeah.
Last weekend we played few points against Ironmen. They are so good and they killed us. By the way it’s pretty cool to get bunkered by Oliver Lang. But yeah, when you practice against Ironmen you will learn so much, you can’t do any mistakes or you are done.

I have seen few differences with US paintballing and finnish paintballing. Here in US the players are more aggressive and they don’t hesitate. And one fucked up thing is that you don’t get shot only once, it’s always 5-15 hits.
By the way I have started to play tennis again! and actually I have try-outs next week. I mean try-outs for High School tennis. And I heard that I’m the number one player. In my opinion tennis is gay, but I’m trying to get a scholarship so I have to practice little bit..

So pretty much that’s everything what’s going on.

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  1. Were you at the Camp Pendleton tournament fields that Saturday? I was watching Ironmen and Dynasty practice a few games while I was there. Very interesting to watch!

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  3. Kassu, as soon as you forget that Ollie and all the other ironmen players are your idols you will start doing some damage. It might be sad to hear that you can’t beat your idols but… you will beat your opponents. The mind and the right mindset are wery powerful weapons and your mind can lose the game way before you ever shoot your first ball to the other side of the field. But anyways, keep kicking and you will succeed!

    I personally are in Dubai, UAE right now and I have been training here. I’we been working out at the gym, swimming and playing floorball here and tomorrow I’m going to local field to play paintball. I have no idea wether it’s going to be speedball or something else but at least I get to shoot some paint. 🙂

    Se ya all soon 🙂

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