Tippmann to buy Procaps?

Last few years have been a tough rollercoaster ride for Procaps with the ride going only downhill. Lately we have been able to even read on public forums the difficulties Procaps has had with cash flow due to selling with credit to distributors that haven’t been able to meet the payments and letting go their best known sales people Opie Thomas and Paul Satler. Procaps being up for sale isn’t the big news but the possible buyers is the interesting part.

Robbo posted on P8ntballer forums an lengthy view on how badly US paintball market is doing witch is true as a lot of manufacturers are now in a state of limbo where they cant do anything else than to just wait and see. I don’t agree with Robbos view on downplaying European market size as it has became more and more important every year. Robbo brings to the discussion KEE being an possible buyer and we have seen KEE buying out a lot of paint manufacturers and as latest JT went to their portfolio also. If its safe to assume the market is hitting its low point then its usually the right time to buy being it then stocks or whole companies.

With Missy-Q bring in later on in the posting to the table two real prospects for buying Procaps with Tippmann and Gino Posterivo (Valken) things star to look interesting. When Brass Eagle closed its paint manufacturing in Neosho VFTD reported Gino being one of the possible interested parties buying the paint plant. With Gino building up Valken to what he had with NPS its only natural for him to look for own paint manufacturing. As for Tippmann they got the Wallmart deal that JT lost and we know that Wallmart has from the start wanted to have only one supplier for all paintball products that they carry. With KEE selling and manufacturing BT range of markers it has been no secret where Tippmann stands and there are other interest for Tippmann where they see Procaps not falling into KEE ownership.

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