Oliver Lang “The Italian Stallion”

Looks like Oliver decided his stay in France was overdue and it was time to visit Italy for some new flavours. I wonder if Olivers Italian would have sounded the same as French? Luckily Oliver decided not to do the presentation wearing speedos but going with more classic style.

DYE Black Gold NT

DYE NT Black Gold

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  1. Not that the color of the gun matters.. but just take a look at the White Gold NT! Seriously, like a candy and makes your playing so much hotter. I mean hotter than Campo on fire and hell burning combined together. You just can’t lose with that evil piece of work!

    …by the way, that gun really proves that you don’t have to have a christmas tree like gun with schizoprenic and epileptic colors and patterns to look cool and personal. Simpliness just works. KISS is the way to go!


  2. Now this is something I can get behind. I personally like my markers like I like my men: Black and Beautiful with Gold jewelry.

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